"So you have to go buy a new box and transfer data to that box. With DataCore, the biggest benefit for..."
Chris Whitaker
Information Technology Manager
"Budgetwise and performance-wise, SANmelody won out. The performance numbers on SANmelody are right th..."
Joey Johnston
IT director
"We have realized better data protection by moving our critical data storage to DataCore – providing..."
David Blaisdell
Assistant Director of IT
"Now, I do not have to constantly monitor disk space. Has it made my life easier? Absolutely. We have..."
Brenda Dvorak
IT Director
"The DataCoreHyper-V combination really fit our needs. I certainly like the virtual environment. I als..."
Jack Weisberg
IT Director
"DataCore centralizes and consolidates storage management across Mission Community Hospital’s various..."
Dustin Fennell
Chief Information Officer
"We have two DataCore storage virtualization servers set for synchronous replication in real-time. We..."
Arnold Jewett
Network Administrator
"Our performance has gone through the roof. It was not unusual to see 10, 15, or 20 milliseconds of la..."
T.J. Duncan
System Administrator
"Our goal here was to deploy a system that would allow us to achieve high availability and business co..."
Jill Wojcik
IT Director
"The flexibility, performance and management scalability of the DataCore solution make it an effective..."
Alexey Ternovsky
Senior Infrastructure
"Having looked at several vendors prior to DataCore, nothing we looked at apart from DataCore was matu..."
Billy Sakatis
Back-office Manager
"We are happy with our DataCore investment and we are benefiting from the many functional and financia..."
Oliver Bauer
Team Leader Administration / IT
"The performance and data availability delivered by SANsymphony-V enables our IT staff and medical sta..."
Rogee Fe de Leon
Head of the Storage Group
"What we have found with the DataCore and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 + Hyper-V combination is a..."
Mary Toupin
Office Manager
"Like all things in IT, dramatic improvements to the infrastructure remain invisible to the user who o..."
Fred Holmes
Head of IT
"If we are under-utilizing our resources then in a sense it is wasted money. In terms of resource util..."
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