"The reason that we chose DataCore was the flexibility and cost savings we gained from their storage v..."
Tom Elowson
President and Cofounder
"DataCore meets the high performing, fail-safe criteria the space center insists on with so much money..."
David Oakes
Support Manager
"The software saves us time and money, but I know from experience that it takes more than cool product..."
Mike Gayle
Director of IT
"We have realized better data protection by moving our critical data storage to DataCore – providing..."
David Blaisdell
Assistant Director of IT
"We were fascinated by what DataCore brought to us as a customer and quickly realized that its capabil..."
Dave Patel
Chief Operating Officer
"Then, they chose VMware Virtual Infrastructure once DataCore was in place, whereby DataCore is the un..."
Covenant House Toronto
"SANmelody was clearly the lowest cost solution on the market and it was intuitive to operate from the..."
John Padovano
Manager of Technology
"With DataCore we could buy the latest HP servers and run the DataCore software on them to give us bot..."
"We chose DataCore in the core design of our virtual private data center (vPDC) platform alongside VMw..."
Jeffrey Slapp
Virtualization Service
"Our goal here was to deploy a system that would allow us to achieve high availability and business co..."
Jill Wojcik
IT Director
"We selected Xiotech’s storage systems with DataCore software, and I can easily say it is one of the..."
Shawn Smith
Systems Manager
"Having looked at several vendors prior to DataCore, nothing we looked at apart from DataCore was matu..."
Billy Sakatis
Back-office Manager
"More importantly, since it has been deployed in production, our AIX applications have run faster and..."
IT manager Park
"We are very pleased to add Berri to the growing list of users in Australia protecting their data with..."
Berri Ltd
"The original decision to go with DataCore boiled down to numbers – particularly the fact that Pee Dee..."
Robbie Howle
IT Manager
"Like all things in IT, dramatic improvements to the infrastructure remain invisible to the user who o..."
Fred Holmes
Head of IT

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