"Using Databricks allows the whole Radius technical team to work faster and more efficiently, and has..."
Darian Shirazi
CEO and Co-Founder
"Databricks helps make very complex operations very simple. It is a game changer from a time-to-market..."
Andrea Condorelli
Head of Data Science
"Data has been held hostage through bureaucracy, through security, through multiple different ways. An..."
Lisa Spory
Vice President of National Security and Immigration Programs
"Databricks has removed the technical barriers of normalizing our data for the purpose of downstream a..."
Dante Cassanego
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
"With Databricks, data scientists are empowered to marshal the resources they need on demand, develope..."
Justin Leto
Senior Data Architect
"The fact that explorations by our data science team now take less than an hour, rather than days, has..."
Adrian Druzgalski
CTO and Co-Founder
"Working in Databricks is like getting a seat in first class. It’s just the way flying (or data scienc..."
Mary Clair Thompson
Data Scientist
"Having an agile innovation workflow is critical for McGraw-Hill Education. Databricks Unified Analyti..."
Alfred Essa
Vice President of Research and Data Science
"Databricks has helped us become more productive quicker by allowing us to reuse a lot of our existing..."
Karthik Kappaganthu
Senior Manager for Data Science
"We chose Databricks because we knew we wanted to move to Apache Spark, but we realized that Spark alo..."
Greg Rokita
Executive Director of Technology
"Databricks takes the pain out of cluster management, and puts the real power of these systems in the..."
Shaun Elliott
Technical Lead of Service Engineering
"With Databricks, we get the secured, easy access to the data without worrying about the engineering b..."
Rakesh Pol
BI Architect
"With Databricks our engineering team can now rely on a single unified platform build and schedule job..."
Aaron Colcord
Director of Engineering, Data and Analysis
"Databricks has enabled our data science team to work more collaboratively, empowering them to easily..."
Benjamin Wilson
Lead Data Scientist
"By moving to Databricks, we have seen an order of magnitude improvement in performance...."
Eliseo Papa
Computational Biologist
"Databricks Unified Analytics Platform delivered the time to market as well as the analytics and opera..."
Peter James
Chief Architect

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