"What’s really helped is a growing appreciation for the priority of the projects in the portfolios. It..."
Gary Sikma
Director of Change Engineering
"Daptiv PPM ties Illuminating Concepts together by facilitating cross‑departmental communications. Pro..."
Ronda Lee
Project Management Coordinator
"Daptiv PPM’s usability was what we were looking for. It provided us with the scheduling structure, do..."
Tina Rayyan
Director of Production and Publishing
"Many teams are seeing what Daptiv PPM can do and their jaws are dropping. After I presented the tool..."
Derrin Ritchie
Portfolio Manager
"Daptiv’s reports are more intuitive—you don’t have to be a programmer. Everyone is using the tool and..."
Jennifer Grow
Project Manager-Infrastructure
"We were in need of better project management practices and Daptiv PPM has been a strong catalyst...."
Janine Douglas
Manager, Project Management
"Introducing a new PPM solution can be a disruptive process. One thing we liked about Daptiv PPM was i..."
Joe Pringle
Managing Director, Project Delivery
"Daptiv has become our one stop for managing all projects, financials and business operations—it’s our..."
Sean Murphy
President and CEO
"Finding a SaaS vendor was an important priority for us because it best suited our business needs. We..."
Johannes Leistner
Portfolio Manager
"We looked at Daptiv PPM and it was pretty much love at first sight. Daptiv PPM was tailored to meet o..."
Miguel Amado
Engineering Manager
"With nearly half the organization using the product regularly, Assurant Employee Benefits has been ab..."
Bob Bullard
IT Manager
"Because workflow controls and a common communication media for organized initiatives can be leveraged..."
Tom Bannon
Group Executive, Enterprise Project Office
"We needed a system that could manage multiple projects for our business units that are spread through..."
John Vantuno
IT/Portfolio Management Office of IT of objects
"Daptiv PPM has allowed our organization to react more quickly and become a more agile organization. T..."
John Vaccarello
National Director of Litovation Operations
"We’re now using Daptiv PPM to manage our whole concept to on‑counter process, as well as product prog..."
H2O Plus
Director, Project Management
"We’re spending 80% less time generating and communicating reports with the automated Daptiv PPM repor..."
Scott Coffman
Associate Director of Applications & Programming

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