"With CyrusOne, we can predict our annual operating costs for IT infrastructure over the next 5 to 10..."
Charles Thompson
Head of IT Services
"We chose CyrusOne due to its geographic diversity, multilayered physical security, redundant power su..."
James Melchor
"We were seeking a data center partner that could accommodate our infrastructure growth as we opened n..."
Tony Fuller
Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Rent-A-Center
"We see the combination of HPC and cloud technologies as an incredibly powerful solution with tremendo..."
Nnamdi Orakwue
Vice President, Dell Cloud
"CyrusOne proved an ideal partner in that they met our performance requirements, matched our commitmen..."
Bill Rickert
Manager of Global Compute Resources, Petroleum GEO
"We chose CyrusOne for its proven infrastructure and management record, its reputation for reliability..."
Brian Trudeau
Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering, Tradentrix
"If there’s a data center outage in Houston, and our customers can’t access our fuel management and ta..."
Tim Blaney
Vice President of Technology
"CyrusOne’s rigorous security standards, high capacity, reliable availability and disaster preparednes..."
Frankie Jackson
Chief Technology Officer
"We needed to ensure our servers would always be up and running. Any downtime for our IT footprint cou..."
Mike Webb
Chief Technology Officer
"We work with data center partners that have the best facilities in their respective markets. We look..."
Ryan Barbera
President, Unleashed Technologies
"In the event of a disaster, it's imperative that we maintain access to our business-critical systems...."
Scott Gautreau
Manager of Technology
"Working with CyrusOne and Zimcom makes it easy for me to go to sleep at night knowing that my company..."
Joe Hirschman
"Austin is an ideal location for back-up and disaster recovery systems. It is close enough to our Hous..."
Jim Duke
CIO, Woodforest National Bank
"CyrusOne’s U.S. data center portfolio complements our neutral interconnection fabric extremely well a..."
Denver Maddux
Chief Executive Officer
"CyrusOne has been very accommodating to our needs and their hands-on approach has made this transitio..."
Barry Roelofs
"Our clients depend on our systems being available and their data being protected. We had to find a ve..."
Michael Kim
Chief Information Officer

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