"Understanding the value delivered from leads is one good strategy to get at ROI—and ROI is playing a..."
"When it came time for a show to be sourced, it would often take top priortiy. There were additional p..."
"I can create and send marketing emails on my own in Cvent, which is great because I don’t need to go..."
"Kevin sends out a weekly registrant report from Cvent to our department that shows which events and s..."
"Metaphorically, Cvent is now like the most essential nutrient for what we offer to our clients. We ha..."
"Watching [Passkey] grow and become a better product for customers intrigued us. So we made the decisi..."
"Cvent is one of those tools that I love to speak about because it is one where we have made an invest..."
"The use of Cvent, and the information we are now able to provide, has elevated our events team to a n..."
"The support from Cvent is for me the best feature of the platform. There is always someone at the oth..."
"Having a marketing package with Cvent helps us systematically appear on Cvent’s top selection of Pari..."
"Cvent is literally the Google of the hotel world. Anything you need, any information, any hotel…every..."
"Cvent has the technology and they also have a team of people who is very skilled in helping a company..."
"We found the industry leader in Cvent, and I want to continue that partnership so we can both grow...."
"Insightful lunch with great content from Cvent, specific to our geo market, allowing us and our peers..."
"Our goal is really simple; we help our customers drive bigger deals, and make more money faster...."
"The Cvent Customer Care Team has been awesome. They really are very attentive...."

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