"SafeZone is simple to use, easy to explain and has powerful reporting, geo-fencing and communications..."
Todd Kaplan
Associate Director and Emergency Manager
"SafeZone has lived up to the promises we were sold. We have enjoyed a great relationship with the tea..."
John Anderson
Head of Security
"The introduction of SafeZone has been a significant supporting tool to Heriot-Watt in the modernisati..."
Les Allan
Director of Safety, Security & Logistics Services
"SafeZone is proving to be extremely popular with all our security patrols. They get detailed alerts d..."
Steve Woollcott
Head of Security
"The safety and comfort of our residents and their families is of paramount importance. By harnessing..."
Terry Lavin
General Manager
"With live situational awareness and enhanced visibility of all safety assets, we can dynamically adju..."
Steve Willingham
Director of Security
"SafeZone gives us the opportunity to improve safety and security service provision, improving inciden..."
Dominic Marafioti
Campus Facilities Manager
"SafeZone means we can focus our resources in a far more coherent way. If someone wants help, we know..."
Russell Huxtable
Head of Business Continuity and Resilience
"FCC believes SafeZone is the ideal safeguarding tool to help protect all our employees and their fami..."
José Morales
Corporate Security Director
"Staff and student well-being and safety is of the utmost importance at the University of Washington a..."
John Vinson
Assistant Vice-President for Student Life/Chief of Police
"As the leader in Enterprise Navigation Services, Connexient is always discussing new use cases for in..."
Mark Green
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
"SafeZone is giving us the tools we need to protect the university’s community around the world. We no..."
Shed Coulthard
Estates Security Manager
"From initial enquiry to beyond initial implementation, CriticalArc have provided an exceptional custo..."
Dave Sanderson
Assistant Director of Estates
"Staff and student well-being and safety is of the utmost importance and the SafeZone technology furth..."
Brian Maccraith
"The app not only makes it easier for UQ Security to respond to emergency situations quickly, but also..."
Alan Egan
Property and Facilities Director
"SafeZone provides us with an innovative capability to defend against threats by ensuring our organisa..."
Annette Hofmann
Head of Safety and Environment

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