"You have to look at how many dollars you lose versus how many dollars would it cost to have a backup...."
Briton Smetzer
Director of IT Operations
"I was overwhelmingly impressed with how simple, quick, and easy it was to deploy the Cradlepoint solu..."
Nathan Matarazzo
System Analyst
"Shy of unplugging the device, Cradlepoint routers pretty much run all the time. That's been something..."
Chris Goumas
Senior Vice President Of Business Development & User Experience
"After the installations, Cradlepoint provided the resources needed to merely flip a switch and offer..."
Larry Mixon
Acting Vice President of Information Technology
"The support and implementation from Cradlepoint has been impressive. To have rolled out this global s..."
Khurram Inam
Regional IT Manager
"I don't foresee us trying any other mobile broadband networking solution—just because Cradlepoint wor..."
Full-Service Restaurant Chain
IT Director
"The software company we worked with to create the kiosk program has a lot of experience supporting ne..."
Greeting Card Making Company
Senior Member IT
"The flexibility to connect with wired and wireless connections provides us and our customers with a s..."
Justin Montalto
Network and Wireless Communications Administrator
"Passengers today are spending a significant amount of time in our vehicles. The ability to provide th..."
Jason Sharenow
Chief Operating Officer
"For Mobile Or Branch Connectivity, The Cloud Management Platform Is The Biggest Bonus. I.T. Managers..."
Mutual Insurance Firm
Chief Information Officer
"We want to use the best and most current technology to provide services to our citizens in a manner t..."
Robert Howarth
Battalion Chief
"The level of interoperability we have with the Annapolis City Fire Department would have been very pr..."
Emily Meadows
Public Safety Portfolio Manager
"High availability for today’s cloud-dependent branches requires multiple WAN connections with diverse..."
Jim Duffy
Senior Analyst
"Through NetCloud Manager, router firmware upgrades within the fleet that used to take about 3 days no..."
Mark Horst
Technical Services Administrator
"Using NetCloud Manager has significantly reduced our workload. Whether it’s a minor fix or a modem fi..."
Chris LaPrairie
Commander of NHP’s Research & Planning Section
"We don’t have any IT people here; it’s just me—but I haven’t had one day where internet has gone down..."
Ann Russell

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