"That’s when we realized that we needed more—that if we could switch from one carrier to another on th..."
Justin Lesbirel
Technology Director
"Before Cradlepoint, we sometimes had to write down a request, come back to the library, and process t..."
Gale Dunlap
Bookmobile Supervisor
"The Cradlepoint simply looks like a quality product, and it has served us well during the time we hav..."
Mark Kadzie
IT Manager
"It used to be very frustrating for staff and patrons alike when it didn’t connect quickly. Sometimes..."
Anna Caran
IT Specialist
"The ability to remotely monitor, manage and adjust their mobile networks anytime, anywhere, is a sign..."
Ryan English
President & Co-Founder
"I don't foresee us trying any other mobile broadband networking solution—just because Cradlepoint wor..."
Full-Service Restaurant Chain
IT Director
"The success we’ve had with Cradlepoint has gotten us thinking about how else we can use it to maintai..."
Rick Aker
IT manager
"Cradlepoint saves so much time for IT and so much frustration for the officers. Before, it wasn’t unu..."
Sharon Jensen
IT Department’s Manager of Planning and Analysis
"We needed to lower our costs and were looking for the best solution for our officers. Sometimes you f..."
Eugene Smith
Deputy Chief of Operations
"Our overall goal is to create a mobile-office environment for everyone out in the field. We want our..."
Garry Beaty
Chief Information Officer
"If a device has an issue, I can go in and stop it and restart it. Or I can remove it from a group, re..."
Greg Debo
IT Project Manager
"Remotely performing updates, troubleshooting, and monitoring the performance of every Cradlepoint we..."
Bryan Fuhr
"That was exciting. All of the sudden, this other requirement came out of nowhere and it was the Cradl..."
John Leonowich
Director of Technology Solutions
"With Cradlepoint, we’ve been able to condense all of our network admin duties into a single pane of g..."
Anthony Stanley
VP of Operations and Technology
"These facilities are remote, so going out there to configure or troubleshoot is not efficient. We use..."
Nick Birch
Founder and CEO
"High availability for today’s cloud-dependent branches requires multiple WAN connections with diverse..."
Jim Duffy
Senior Analyst

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