"We're approving everything off BlackBerries, off iPads, and it's definitely a huge, huge benefit for..."
"We’ve Now Deployed In China. We Deployed In India, And We’re In Process Of Looking At Deploying In Ru..."
"Coupa has given us the ability to put all of our spend into one application...."
"The Coupa support team has been very good at helping us understand a way that we can fix an issue tha..."
"Having that cloud model of sharing and benefitting from others using the tool has been a tremendous b..."
"Grass Valley had a rather aggressive time frame to find a procurement tool and ended up choosing Coup..."
"When we use Coupa we save money because we're saving time...."
"Coupa has delivered value in several areas at Engie, but the key benefit is efficiency...."
"Coupa has transformed our processes throughout the company. We've saved $36 million in the past year...."
"As a world-class hospitality business, we want to grow with our procurement solution, so Coupa is a g..."
"Even before we went live, we were benefitting with the rental car and office supply categories with C..."
"Coupa has allowed us to control spend in ways that we've never been able to experience in the past...."
"The financial services industry is very highly regulated. Coupa made sure we were compliant...."
"One of the key values with Coupa is the efficiency. We are now 100% paperless...."
"For our fast-growing grocery chain, Coupa means value. The possibilities with Coupa are endless...."
"Coupa was a success right off the bat and has brought great value to our manufacturing company...."

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