"We had the full force and support of the entire CoreSite team at our disposal and the whole experienc..."
Tab Butler
Director, Media Management and Post Production
"CoreSite’s data centers offer a blank canvas for us to design, build, and configure everything just a..."
Searl Tate
Director of Engineering
"We can’t afford a minute of downtime, even during a major catastrophic event like Hurricane Sandy. Co..."
Ali Faraji
CEO, Aptinet
"Unlike other providers that talk about their high stated service levels, CoreSite’s colocation servic..."
Ron Offer
CEO, Integrity Virtual IT
"One of the things I love most about working with CoreSite is the willingness of the entire organizati..."
Mike Jelley
Vice President of Infrastructure, PlaceIQ
"CoreSite’s Open Cloud Exchange gives us unparalleled visibility and access to a growing community of..."
James Jun
Co-founder and Managing Partner
"The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange is an exciting solution that supports our Network Enabled Cloud stra..."
Amador Lucero
"CoreSite’s Open Cloud Exchange is a truly unique, differentiating solution. It makes us a part of an..."
Nelson Nahum
Co-Founder and CEO
"Our customers face a number of challenges that most organizations don’t because of the nature of thei..."
Mohamed Hersi
President and CEO
"CoreSite’s solutions have helped us increase our network response times by as much as 25%. That extra..."
Amit Gupta
VP of Infrastructure
"Our brand message is a seamless online experience and the idea that our network doesn’t go down. Core..."
Andy Everest
Director of Service Delivery & Network Procurement
"The great thing about working with CoreSite is that we don’t have to micromanage them through the bui..."
Andrew Haynes
Chief Operating Officer
"Since moving our operations to CoreSite, we’ve seen a three-fold reduction in latency across the boar..."
Aleksandar Bradic
Chief Technology Officer
"Because of the nature of our services, it’s critical for us to have a physical presence in high-traff..."
Vladimir Popovski
VP of Cloud Operations
"Customers are very concerned about infrastructure; the main reason we tour data centers so frequently..."
Bret Hickenlooper
President and CEO
"Every data center provider offers updated facilities and infrastructure, but what differentiates Core..."
Mary Anne Schafer
SMI Corporation

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