"CoreHealth exceeded all expectations for precision and rapid delivery. Implementation started the day..."
Amy Cohen
Chief Executive Officer
"At one point we even looked at building the wellness technology ourselves but thank goodness we didn..."
Michael Rosenfeld
"We see great use of the message boards on CoreHealth where employees are encouraging each other throu..."
Michelle Malanado
Director of Benefits
"I like the flexibility in the challenges, and there are a number of ways to use the system to encoura..."
Taylor Cate
Wellness Coordinator
"CoreHealth Support Ninjas are very responsive. The platform has helped us engage a lot of people, reg..."
Global Health and Care Organization
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility
"CoreHealth has helped us provide wellness to a larger audience while motivating and engaging particip..."
Amy Kumaraperu
Wellness Program Coordinator
"CoreHealth’s combination of flexibility, customization and cost effectiveness have made it a winning..."
Florida-Based Insurance Broker
Wellness Project Manager
"It’s so rewarding to help employees get active and feel good about themselves. I know staff look forw..."
Bijal Mahida
VP, Human Resources
"The portal is much easier to navigate. The increased communication is great, and we don’t have to wai..."
Tracy Staples
Human Resources Benefits Specialist
"The new platform is laid out much better. It is more user friendly and I can get to where I want. The..."
Mike Nichols
Maintenance Specialist
"The Corehealth technology is extremely robust and very comprehensive. We are just scratching the surf..."
Mike Wager
"Being a high touch provider, we invest extensively in expert knowledge and we need the freedom to lev..."
Ann Sabbag
"We are able to deliver a unique and engaging experience because we have a technology partner that say..."
Tanya Hargrave-Klein
"We have been using CoreHealth for over a year now and we’re very happy with how customizable the plat..."
Diana Bladon
Wellness Coordinator
"I appreciate the CoreHealth team, sharing of best practices, tips, ideas and of course exceptional sup..."
Linda Lewis-Daly
"Our clients are looking for complete strategies. Our CoreHealth platform allows us to deliver this o..."
Angela Lee Nieves
Health Promotion Manager

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