"The combination of attack mitigation and CDN is what makes it so powerful.Thanks to the great support..."
Wouter Van Vliet
Project Developer
"We received fantastic assistance from CloudFlare, both in terms of technical and business support...."
David Moeller
"We were excited to see immediate performance improvements...."
Chris Peterson
Senior Counselor, MIT Admissions
"Cloudflare helps us to provide a much better and faster mobile gaming experience to our players! In m..."
Sébastien Borget
COO / Co-Founder
"Cloudflare allowed us to run President Trump’s campaign site for a fraction of the cost that the othe..."
Brad Parscale
President of Giles-Parscale & Digital Director of Trump's Campaign
"There are no cost effective and easy-to-use solutions out there to protect WordPress sites, especiall..."
Jeff Williams
"Cloudflare is essential to keeping our online community reliable, secure and fast...."
Andrew Pothecary
"The performance benefits were huge. We saw faster response times for all our visitors. Adding Cloudfl..."
Dan Baritchi
Co-Founder & CEO
"CloudFlare’s Virtual DNS is exactly what we needed to protect our DNS infrastructure. It is the leadi..."
Sam Kottler
Platform Engineer, DigitalOcean
"Knowing that we don’t have to worry about DDoS attacks against our API and gateway servers gives us t..."
Stanislav Vishnevskiy
"With relatively steady traffic most of the year, experiences significant traffic sp..."
Devon Hillard
Founding Partner
"I really love how simple it was to set up and use. CloudFlare is an easy to use CDN service with offe..."
Laura Baalman
Independent IT Consultant
"We are thrilled with the guidance and help CloudFlare offered in keeping us online during our biggest..."
Brian VanderZanden
Lead Developer
"Cloudflare adds speed, protection, and reliability to websites with zero fuss. The simplicity of Clou..."
Trevor Hunt
"The combination of technically adept and nimble company paired with excellent pricing and set of tech..."
Alex Dumitriu
VP of Operations
"We've saved in Money, Servers, and Sanity by using Cloudflare...."
Jake Heinz
Software Engineer

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