"The combination of attack mitigation and CDN is what makes it so powerful.Thanks to the great support..."
Wouter Van Vliet
Project Developer
"Our users never complain about poor connectivity; they complain our app doesn’t work. After integrati..."
Ben Yule
Chief Technology Officer
"Cloudflare was very supportive during the onboarding process. It was not a simple one for us on the p..."
Lisa Retief
VP of Engineering
"We turn to Cloudflare to secure, monitor, and speed up our corporate website. We understand the impor..."
Samantha Walters
VP of Corporate Strategy
"The flexibility and support that Cloudflare provides means the service is a great fit for our busines..."
Adam Greenlee
Systems Engineering Lead
"With Cloudflare, we have been able to improve our delivery and performance across the board, despite..."
Ivonne Bojoh
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
"Being India's largest online optical store, Lenskart.com use to get a lot of security and DDoS threat..."
Nirbhab Barat
AVP DevOps
"Cloudflare helps us deliver a fast and secure experience for users...."
Boban Dedovic
Chief Executive Officer
"We downloaded the SDK, and began exploring the process to integrate it into our app. We were interest..."
Ivan Beslic
Chief Operating Officer
"We have many ideas and there's a lot of work ahead of us so it is vital that we have the right infras..."
Zlatko Hrkac
Chief Executive Officer
"With relatively steady traffic most of the year, peopleschoice.com experiences significant traffic sp..."
Devon Hillard
Founding Partner
"We are looking at better agility, better response time in terms of support. Better operational capabi..."
Karan Tewari
Manager, Platform Engineering
"Cloudflare adds speed, protection, and reliability to websites with zero fuss. The simplicity of Clou..."
Trevor Hunt
"CloudFlare helped us stay fast and reliable, even under a crush load, and the effect kept us at the t..."
2012 Black Friday Ads
"Cloudflare Bot Management helped us clean up the direct traffic noise and improve conversion rates. W..."
Marie Britt
Business Intelligence Analyst
"With Cloudflare it seems like security is through and through in all the products, constantly in the..."
Austin Davies
DevOps Engineer

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