"I love the versatility in Cleo’s mapping that allows us to get past nearly any integration hurdle. We..."
Sean Ketcham
Electronic Commerce Coordinaator
"Not all the solutions we looked at were able to cover the protocols that we were using or would poten..."
Lynn Scheu
Director of IT System Support
"I love Cleo’s support. They are amazing at helping me with issues no matter how many times I have cal..."
Josh Garland
Enterprise Solutions Manager
"Cleo delivered exactly what we needed: secure file sharing for files too large for email. Cleo does a..."
Chris Lane
Network Administrator
"Cleo is easy to set up and use, we’re able to integrate all of our EDI workflows using a single softw..."
Viji Thomas
EDI Coordinator
"We love the fact that Cleo can handle any translation and protocol in a single tool, and we like that..."
Tom Loftus
Director of Data Integration Systems
"Of the vendors we spoke to, the Cleo team was the most helpful with its proof of concept and technolo..."
Rahul Anandani
Principal Technical Architect
"The Cleo Integration Cloud, along with the team, was instrumental in making the AT&T project work for..."
Robert Breivogel
IT Project Manager
"Cleo works extremely well. Since introduction, it has become a well-oiled machine. We have had no iss..."
Vincent Koo
Manager of billing operations
"The system helps me in my day-to-day operation. I don’t have to wait for the fax machine to become av..."
Large Georgia County
"Streem is an extremely useful tool. The more we use it, the more we find other alternative uses and b..."
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
IT contact
"Without the Cleo Streem solution, we wouldn’t be able to proactively alert our patients of impending..."
Jeff Soots
William Jennings Bryan Dorn Veterans Affairs Medical Center
"Cleo is a single-source provider that can easily make AS2 and SFTP transfers and provides a wide rang..."
Jim Sitzman
Application Developer
"We sell our products through GPOs (group purchasing organizations), and we sell through distributors,..."
Michael Donham
Director of IT
"We sought a tightly integrated EDI platform and found it in the Cleo Integration Suite, which is quit..."
Andre Barbosa
System Analyst
"Easy to handle software for managing large numbers of trading partners...."
European Financial Services Firm

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