"The clean, modern design of the Athens-Clarke County site captures their progressive, vibrant culture..."
"Now that we’re up and live we’re ready to talk through other options with our account manager, Things..."
"With the new site, our content providers are able to do what needs to be done, so it doesn’t overload..."
"The new site is very easy to maintain. The people who have access to upload and directly publish find..."
"In this version of the site, we worked to organize the global navigation into categories based on the..."
"The new process that we have devised for our Sheriff’s Department using CivicHR works much better tha..."
"Before CivicHR, we couldn’t notify a citizen if their application was received, or if they were not g..."
"We’re doing some targeted marketing, handing out postcards at various offices, the county fair, and a..."
"The website features and functionality we’ve said we’ve really wanted, CivicPlus has already been wor..."
"I know other municipalities that use a separate CRM system to track citizen requests. For us, the fun..."
"All of the feedback that we have received from our citizens so far has been positive. Our residents a..."
"It helps that we now have a great website. Everything is predicated on that, but we’re now also able..."
"Website maintenance is much easier now, even for non-technical staff members. They took to it really..."
"One thing I really like about the new system is the workflow. The departments can make changes to the..."
"Residents can subscribe to news, access useful resources from their smart devices, check community an..."
"The training we received was done with our own information,” said Stinson. “This was extremely helpfu..."

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