"It was a terrible tragedy that affected our community to its very core. We were immediately thrown in..."
David Stroble
Business Analyst, Department of Information Services, 
Snohomish County, WA
"Now that we’re up and live we’re ready to talk through other options with our account manager, Things..."
Eric McHenry
Chief Technology Officer, City of Santa Rosa, CA
"I really feel like our website has allowed us to elevate the level of service we provide, and fight t..."
Blake Phelps
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
"The reaction we received was 'Wow, the new home of DeKalb matches the community and matches its profe..."
Lauren Stott
Management Analyst
"In this version of the site, we worked to organize the global navigation into categories based on the..."
Melissa Peachey
Digital Communications Manager
"With the new site, our content providers are able to do what needs to be done, so it doesn’t overload..."
Bobby Cuomo
Media Systems Administrator
"People are very interested in coming together to help their neighbors. They see folks in need and wan..."
Melissa Haase
Springfield’s Assistant Director of Public Information
"The new process that we have devised for our Sheriff’s Department using CivicHR works much better tha..."
Tony Bell
Director of Human Resources
"Before CivicHR, we couldn’t notify a citizen if their application was received, or if they were not g..."
Lisa Hart
Assistant Director of Human Resources
"It helps that we now have a great website. Everything is predicated on that, but we’re now also able..."
Susan Weis
Communications Director
"Bexar County is pleased to have met their goals with the site, and citizens are happy too. Reaction t..."
Rebeka Gresham
Bexar County Webmaster
"Over the past 14 years I’ve used Rec1 as a coordinator, and as a supervisor. I’ve created facilities...."
Neely Motiejunas
Recreation Division Director
"Without the CivicEngage consultants, we wouldn’t have such a high-quality website today. Without a te..."
Barb Klausler
Web Communications Specialist
"I no longer need to make three copies of each qualified resume, put them in department mailboxes, and..."
Angel Alvarado
Human Resources Director
"One thing I really like about the new system is the workflow. The departments can make changes to the..."
Nichole Plowman
Administrative Systems Analyst
"I know other municipalities that use a separate CRM system to track citizen requests. For us, the fun..."
Cindy Kamigaki
ETS Manager

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