"We chose Cisco HyperFlex because Cisco UCS and networking technologies are best-of breed...."
Mark Myers
Director, Information Technology
"As we speak, our application infrastructure deployment time has been reduced from days to just a few..."
Prashant Singh
"Cisco HyperFlex makes it easy to scale as we grow to feed more people. More employees? We’ll connect..."
James Safonov
Head of IT and Information Security
"Cisco HyperFlex is scalable with lot of optimization built in and also extremely easy to deploy. Our..."
Suresh D
"Cisco HyperFlex took 80 percent less time to deploy than our previous solution, and speed equals effi..."
Derek DePasture
Senior Network Engineer
"We had to replace our traditional SAN because it was aging and we were running low on resources. We n..."
Erik Silders
Network Manager
"HyperFlex’s approach ensures high performance of Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases and critical appl..."
Edivaldo Rocha
"Of all the solutions in the market, Cisco’s HyperFlex Systems offered the best value proposition, whi..."
Suresh Patare
Sr. Practice Manager – Data Center
"As a trustworthy manufacturer already verified, we did not need to think much about it, and could spe..."
Toshiyuki Suzuki
Manager, IT Infrastructure and Operations Team
"We performed a thorough check to ascertain whether, with a redundant configuration, service stops wou..."
Toru Kamidozono
IT Infrastructure and Operations Team
"Cisco HyperFlex is the simplest VDI platform available, We didn’t have to worry about connecting stor..."
Holger Schultes
Head of IT
"We have deployed the Cisco HyperFlex system and experienced firsthand the benefits, such as performan..."
Shinichi Hakoda
IT Promotion Department Manager
"We engaged with Cisco because of their unique ability to deliver a simple, adaptable and cloud scale..."
Mandar Marulkar
Chief Information Officer
"I was amazed at how simple it was to deploy Cisco’s HyperFlex System. As with past implementations —t..."
Akshay Deshpande
Sr. Practice Manager – Availability and Performance
"Our Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases run great on Cisco UCS. We can meet any software vendor..."
Paul Bauwens
IT Architect
"With Cisco HyperFlex, our total hardware investment has dropped by 15%, alongside a 30% reduction in..."
Qi Li
R&D Director and CIO

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