"The software is easy to use and very intuitive. Similar products I have worked with in the past were..."
Karl Glover
Logistics Support Manager
"CRD is a huge timesaver. By getting the reporting done outside of normal working hours it allows empl..."
Monica Pepe
System Support Administrator
"CRD just gets on with it, churning out thousands of reports every month with little intervention...."
Joe Malynowsky
Service Delivery Officer
"Overall, ChristianSteven Software CRD has enabled us to deliver significant value to the business in..."
Ben Holmes
IT Director
"We found that CRD is really simple and intuitive. It has an interface similar to Microsoft™ Outlook,..."
Yossi Akselrud
Director of IT
"I must say this is an easy one for me, as I have always been impressed by all of the team at Christia..."
Tim Larcombe
Business Systems & IT Director
"Our return on investment was pretty much realized the day we bought it. It’s a big advantage because..."
Brandon Ludwig
System Administrator
"We are very excited about the path we are about to embark upon. With IntelliFront BI, I’m certain we..."
Jack Meadows
University of Louisville
"By far my favorite technical support I work with...."
Tom Snyder
"I only needed support a couple of times but the response has been excellent. I even had an issue last..."
Becky Wolfrum
Digital Federal Credit Union
"Our support is very good. It’s nice to get a quick response and have someone who knows what they are..."
David Swinehart
J.M. Stewart Corporation
"When we needed a patch I contacted customer service and they responded within the hour...."
Dana Walsh
IT analyst
"We were developing the Sales Dispatch System on Microsoft™ SQL Server, and so SQL-RD from ChristianSt..."
Bill Ramsay
Information Systems Manager
"CRD is a workhorse of system for us producing over a 1000 automated reporting events each month routin..."
Scott Carpenter
"We use CRD to auto run a crystal report. While there was a learning curve in the beginning we have it..."
Brandy Kidwell
"We decided to go for PBRS after a short survey. Key selection criteria's for us were : easy integratio..."
Lada McAleer

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