"Chef is kind of like magic. Small, easy-to-understand blocks of code are used to define sophisticated..."
Nick Marden
Director of Systems Engineering, Get Satisfaction
"We need to move at the speed of our community, which is pretty much real-time. Chef ensures we keep p..."
Anthony Mendonca
VP of Engineering, RealSelf
"We’re continually evolving, changing, reconfiguring and creating new approaches to better science. Ho..."
Steven Mohapi-Banks
CTO, Digital Scienc
"From bare metal to a fully configured system, deployment with Chef only took 15 minutes, instead of w..."
Eric G. Wolfe
Senior Linux Administrator
"Rackspace is great, but it’s still our responsibility to make sure resources committed to clients are..."
Boyd Hemphill
Chief Systems Architect, FeedMagnet
"Chef allows us to do in minutes what used to take a day or more, it’s just that easy to work with. Yo..."
Ashley Streb
Vice President of Technology, Brightcove
"Chef has given us the ability to focus on deriving even more strategic value out of our infrastructur..."
Devang Kothari
"Today, we run just about everything we do with our infrastructure through Hosted Chef, which opens up..."
Douglas Jarquin
Technical Operations Manager, Zumba Fitness
"For so many businesses, time is money, and we’re no different. Our clients demand excellent work with..."
Kent Langley
Vice President, SolutionSet
"Our most critical job is to button down the security requirements. For every piece of technology that..."
Pavel Jeloudovski
Senior Systems Administrator
"Chef gives us the automated management to support our customer's wide range of needs, making them hap..."
Glen de Vries
President, Medidata Solutions
"Without automation, managing compliance is very challenging. If you want a better way to understand h..."
Vivek Bhatia
DevOps Consultant
"Our infrastructure is fluid, so we needed an automation solution that was super flexible and easy to..."
Pete Zimmerman
VP of Services and Operations, Sonian
"Obviously, it’s great to be able to automate things that take up a lot of time, and Chef enables us t..."
Naftali Burnham
Systems Administrator
"Opscode’s portability and scalability features make working with our infrastructure seamless and more..."
Grant Rodgers
Software Developer
"Our business would not be where it is today without the technology and support provided by Chef. Chef..."
Jeremy LaTrasse
CEO, Message Bus

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