"Immediately we were able to see a lot of success with Chef and Chef. For our datacenter move, we face..."
Ryan Creasey
Principal Systems Engineer
"Chef is kind of like magic. Small, easy-to-understand blocks of code are used to define sophisticated..."
Nick Marden
Director of Systems Engineering, Get Satisfaction
"Four months ago we spent more time on maintenance. Now we are doing a lot more innovation. Chef is ex..."
Ian Meyer
Technical Operations Manager
"We can’t predict what we’ll face at any given environment or installation, whether it’s having less b..."
Kel Phillipson
Head of Technology, Imagination
"Chef saves me time every day, and recently saved my life in a high-priority implementation...."
Jeremy Winters
Lead Architect and Database Warehouse Designer
"We amplified our Chef infrastructure and streamlined configuration scripts to help scalability. We de..."
Jason Stowe
CEO, Cycle Computing
"With OpenStack and Opscode Chef, our main goal was to achieve a new level of agility and flexibility,..."
Leandro Reox
Senior Infrastructure Engineer and Cloud Architect
"Chef has helped us establish a DevOps approach to application development and delivery, enabling sign..."
Edgardo Nazario
Group Vice President, Limelight Networks.
"With Chef, we can sleep well knowing our services are always configured and running exactly as needed..."
Jeremy Przygode
CEO, Stratalux
"We need to move at the speed of our community, which is pretty much real-time. Chef ensures we keep p..."
Anthony Mendonca
VP of Engineering, RealSelf
"Automation is absolutely critical to our success and Chef has been instrumental in managing our platf..."
Ben Poweski
Architect, Getaroom
"Without automation, managing compliance is very challenging. If you want a better way to understand h..."
Vivek Bhatia
DevOps Consultant
"What was amazing also was watching what the teams went through when an urgent patch was released. The..."
Jon Williams
"A single ad can double or triple our site traffic, so we've got to be able to respond in real-time if..."
Jake Vanderdray
WebOps Team Lead, CustomInk
"DevOps isn’t just a neat idea, it’s a best practice for business agility. Hosted Chef not only reduce..."
Alon Rohter
Operations Lead, Fanhattan
"Chef automates complex tasks that are otherwise time and resource intensive, but more importantly it..."
Sanjay Modi
Technical Director, Knowledge, Wharton

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