"Since we deployed SandBlast Agent, we have not had a single advanced malware or ransomware incident i..."
Joe Honnold
Network Systems Engineer
"Our network is mission-critical to our business and any disruption is unacceptable. The Check Point 1..."
Sinopec Group
"We needed a cost-effective, all-in-one, reliable, and flexible Internet security and VPN solution tha..."
Natalie Ho
Marketing Communications Manager
"We can manage everything centrally now to ensure all of our locations are online and operating proper..."
Dale Williams
Director of IT and Retail Operations
"We look at Check Point Express as a long term security solution, one that can grow with us as we meet..."
Mike Block
Vice President, Information Security Officer and Information Technology Officer
"Check Point Express makes it easy to create new VPNs and bring new branches onto the network quickly..."
John Kress
Senior Information Technology Specialist
"Since installing Pointsec we haven’t looked back and we certainly wouldn’t be without it...."
Richard Isted
IT Manager
"CPU-level inspection makes SandBlast even more attractive. It prevents exploits like Return-Oriented..."
Saul Schwartz
Enterprise Security Engineer
"SandBlast Agent found multiple threats within the first days we deployed it. Not only was Check Point..."
Michael Brine
Infrastructure Manager
"When deploying a multi-cloud environment, you need to have a consistent tool that plays across all th..."
Sreeni Kancharla
Chief Information Security Officer & Sr. Group Director
"Speed is a key benefit in secure DevOps, but teams often think that there’s a tradeoff between speed..."
Robert Berger
CTO & SVP Engineering
"As we continued to build our platform and scale in the cloud, our security groups became very complic..."
Marius Ducea
VP of Operations
"CloudGuard Dome9 is a huge force multiplier, providing tools that are highly effective and efficient...."
Reza Salari
Manager of Information Security and Telemetry, Retirement Solutions Division
"Check Point CloudGuard™ IaaS automates protection across our dynamic cloud environments while Check P..."
Michael Trofi
Founder of Trofi Security & Acting CISO
"We’re able to review and monitor our entire threat landscape on a daily basis, creating new rules and..."
Maikon Rodrigo Graeff
Security Expert
"Security is not an option for retailers. We hold the details of millions of customers’ credit cards;..."
John Shi
Manager, Network and System Security Engineering

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