"Checkmarx is loved by both our infosec team and our developers. It is easy to use and provides highly..."
Kobi Lechner
Information Security Manager
"Checkmarx plays a fundamental role in hardening our web application. Exploits are becoming more sophi..."
Daniel Bondurant
"Using Checkmarx is easier than other tools. Important - you do not need to integrate it into your bui..."
Vitaly Osipov
Information Security Expert
"Checkmarx simply had the best solution for us. Their product was very easy-to-use. Being able to "rem..."
Chris Kings-Lynne
R&D Manager
"Checkmarx's technology is highly accurate and easy to use. It offers great performance and the abilit..."
Yair Rovek
Security Specialist
"Our customers are some of the most attacked websites and applications in Israel and maybe even intern..."
Ilan Norman
Head of Security
"Using Checkmarx is easier than other tools. Important - you do not need to integrate it into your bui..."
Leading Software Development House
Information Security Expert
"Checkmarx early detection and feedback makes remediation easier and reduces the overall development e..."
Governmental Organization
Assistant Director at the organization
"Deploying Checkmarx as part of our application security testing process allowed us to significantly i..."
Global CRM Software Company
Security Manager
"Seeing explicit SQL Injection statements in source code during a seminar made me realize that a full..."
Vincent Liang
VP of Information Technology
"Checkmarx helps us improve our application security significantly, while reducing the resources spent..."
Global Agile Enterprise Software Company
Organization’s Corporate Security Officer
"While some very serious technical know-how has been invested in producing software of this quality an..."
ICT Company
Senior Architect
"We engaged with Checkmarx, built it into our CI process and the nice benefit from that is how securit..."
Global Leading Company
Senior Software Development Manager
"Our engineers love Checkmarx so much, they are actually pushing the security team to purchase more li..."
Global Financial Services Company
Global Security Project Manager

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