"Having a single centralized database managing the flow of merchandise, customer and sales data across..."
Cathérine De Bleeker
Global Marketing Director
"The challenge was to find a software partner who understood our business, shared our passion for reta..."
Mark Smith
Finance and Operations Director
"We chose to work with Cegid because of its expertise in fashion and its international reach. Cegid is..."
Dustan Steer
IT director
"As a relatively small family company, we wanted technology that would help right across the business,..."
Alain Kostrzewa
chief information officer
"Despite the current market conditions, this is what will enable the company to secure long term growt..."
André Louit
Chief Financial Officer
"Cegid’s SaaS model will give us a single unified retail solution, resulting in a significant improvem..."
Lee Bingham
IT Manager
"The solution from Cegid will allow us to unify our store systems on one platform. This will not only..."
Helmut Heier
Head of Retail
"Overall the Cegid retail software solution is very user friendly. Once the software was configured to..."
Chris Inouye
Director of Retail
"We finally have a handle on price changes, especially during promotional periods. Using the Web Acces..."
Jean-François Bader
Organisation and Information Systems Director
"Moving to cloud allowed us to save thousands per year in data center costs related to hosting our own..."
Mike Neff
Vice President of Member Services
"Yourcegid Retail is changing the way we are thinking. SHAN is continuously discovering new functional..."
Yanick Thériault
IT Manager
"JDS Solutions, a Cegid Company will allow us to be both competitive and successful as we expand our c..."
Tom Slone
Director of IT
"The Cegid solution allows us to conduct simulations within three minutes. We can plan ahead without t..."
Sylvain Ruffier
Head of Industrial Supply Chain
"We looked at other solutions, but the offering from Cegid was the most compelling. We’ve remained wit..."
David Turcotte
Retail System Administrator
"They’re a trusted brand around the globe, serving many of the world’s best- known retail and that is..."
Simon Chalifoux
IT Director
"Our customers are truly global travellers, so we want to make sure we make the shopping journey as se..."
Nick Owen
Head of IT

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