"Working with Cato has been a fast and painless implementation with a friendly and responsive service..."
David Whye Tye Ng
CEO & Executive Director
"Cato has made our IT operation so much simpler and far more agile...."
Adam Laing
Systems Administrator
"The loss and latency of the Cato Cloud is comparable to our MPLS service...."
Kevin McDaid
Systems Manager
"Cato seemed to be both very channel-focused and very flexible. Cato’s open to getting ideas from us,..."
Paul Breitenbach
"Cato Networks helped us regain control over access to the network and made resources available to our..."
Wayne Khan
Head of IT
"We shipped the Cato socket to Italy and Lithuania and all the local team had to do was plug it into t..."
Boaz Aviv
Chief Technical Officer
"Transitioning to Cato was so easy. I joke that it was like pressing the Staples’ Easy Button...."
Leslie W. Cothren
Information Technology Director
"Cato hybrid-cloud network integration enabled us to securely connect all of our cloud data centers in..."
Hai Zamir
VP of Infrastructure
"With Cato, we connected our twenty-one sites, improved performance over Internet-based VPNs, and stil..."
Stuart Gall
Infrastructure Architect, Network and Systems Group
"Cato enables me to be more diligent. Questions I could not have answered because of a lack of time li..."
George McNeill
Director of IT
"My view is that the business expects better things and MPLS simply doesn’t let you react quickly enou..."
Nathan Trevor
IT Director
"With Cato Cloud, I increased bandwidth, replaced two things with one solution, improved user experien..."
Jerry Cyrus
Security Manager
"Cato firewall is much easier to manage than a traditional firewall and the mobile client was much eas..."
Todd Park
Vice President
"We’ve been very happy with Cato solution and what it delivers...."
Oren Kisler
Director of IT Operations
"With Cato, it was the support people that really made us go, You know they’ll fix it...."
Leading Automotive Component Manufacturing Company
"Cato support is unlike any other support that I’ve experienced. Our interaction is almost like workin..."
Security Software Company

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