"Without question, NSB is a lot faster than our previous solution. Before, we were doing a full backup..."
Dan Nichols
Chief Technology Officer
"DPX was ideal for our environment and we're delighted with the solution. It provides superior perform..."
Franck Laudet
IT Director
"We anticipate that the added value that NetApp and Catalogic provide will play an important role in h..."
Gavin Harper
Head of Networks
"We can mount server backups in a virtualized environment, making them accessible within 20 minutes or..."
Juan Granados
Director of Information Technology
"The biggest draw to Catalogic is that it simplifies the whole process and enables not very advanced u..."
Robert Hernandez
"Given the unfettered growth of unstructured data across primary storage systems, there is a clear nee..."
George Crump
President and Founder, Storage Switzerland
"Server virtualisation and growing data required a new backup strategy at entertainment retailer ORION..."
"With the ECX catalog, Catalogic Software is delivering on a long-standing need: the ability to catalo..."
Christine Taylor
"When I do a restore — and I've done several — NSB has performed excellently. I put in a CD or DVD and..."
Gonzalo Rodriguez
Infrastructure Analyst, AvMed Health Plans
"Now we have the capability to recover a virtual machine immediately from a single backup, which means..."
Lars Lorenzen
Head of IT, Kroenert
"Before Catalogic, I’d have to clone the VM, and then run tools inside it to copy all that data out of..."
Jonathan Stinson
Senior Server Administrator
"Catalogic’s ECX provides us with data analytics and insight that we have previously been unable to ge..."
Armin Geyer
Storage Management OpenSystems
"It was a pleasure to do this backup project and move from daily error based software to a real soluti..."
Johann Nardelli
Sr. Manager of Systems Operations
"Because the Catalogic solution's de-duplication achieves better-than-average compression, our backups..."
Holger Czelk
Team Leader, IT Service Center, University of Lubeck
"We simply start Catalogic, map the required backup, start Exchange recovery and choose the components..."
Jens Hannemann
Backup and Recovery Specialist, ITSC
"The technology features just won us over, there were additional licence management benefits, as the s..."
Niels Jorn

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