"Efficiency, effectiveness and the minimization of risks in software environments is high on every CI..."
Ralf Dreischmeier
Senior Partner & Managing Director Global Leader - Technology Advantage Practice
"Once in production, most of the effort to correct issues is spent on architectural problems...."
Mark Standeaven
Vice President
"CAST helps Wipro demonstrate faster, predictable delivery...."
Bhanumurthy Ballapuram
"Being able to look at our entire application as a whole, rather than piece by piece, enables us to id..."
Michael Furniss
Director of COE
"Our relationships with our ADM providers are now based on facts. No longer on feelings...."
Maria del Pino Marrero
Software Quality Manager
"The architectural assessment is an area in which CAST excels and successfully differentiates from sta..."
Melinda Ballou
Research Director
"We’ve seen a significant upward trend in the level of overall quality that has translated into fewer..."
Hank Hyatt
Head of Equities IT
"CAST helps us identify opportunities for reuse...."
Gene Baker
Chief Architect
"Ideal to estimate priority, complexity and risks...."
Patrick Riviere
Senior Vice President
"CAST goes beyond static complexity analysis into architectural context and understanding...."
Michael Azoff
"CAST, the leading product of its type...."
Alan Rodger
Senior Analyst
"CAST shows us where to invest, something the business folks can see and better appreciate...."
Federic Veron
SVP Head of Business Application Development & Management Services
"Developers can now see the impact of their changes on other areas of the application...."
Jene Rene Calais
Application Development Leader
"CAST generates 20% productivity gains from rework...."
Thierry Daumas
SVP Industrialization
"CAST has brought consistency and rigor into our development process...."
Pat Howard
VP Global Application Software Delivery
"It improves our relationship with the business partner and increases customer experience dramatically..."
Peter DeBoel

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