"I personally found that Carbon Black Defense is very easy to manage. I have a very small security tea..."
Greg Notch
SVP of IT and Security
"We rolled out the Cb Defense agent across our organization and many of the club organizations without..."
Neil Boland
"One of our goals was to consolidate our security products. What Carbon Black was able to do was bring..."
William Bocash
IT Manager
"The biggest benefit we've seen, and even heard from our users throughout the organization, is that th..."
Trevor Albrecht
Systems Administrator
"Cb Response provides awesome visibility into your endpoints. Being able to view the process chain of..."
Brad M
Senior Enterprise Systems Engineer
"Market leader across the board. We recently added on the [Cb Response] product and wish we would have..."
Oil, Gas and Utilities Company
Manager, Platform & Data Security
"Carbon Black offers endpoint detection and blocking granularity like never before! We were able to de..."
Dan A.
Security Engineer
"I find that the product is highly configurable, but at the same time the console is simple and easy t..."
Amir M.
Security Analyst
"There are more than half a dozen things that have come through the User Exchange community that cause..."
Robert Gentry
Systems Engineer
"This is a great product for gaining complete control over malware. Anti-virus often times will miss t..."
Kevin M.
"Deep intelligence looking at both threats from the cloud (external connectors) and simple file based..."
David M.
"Cb Protection is a proven application whitelisting solution that has helped us cover gaps traditional..."
Finance Company
IT Security Manager
"We can see the attackers deliver some generic ransomware to us... (and when they don't succeed) we ha..."
John M.
Senior Director of IT Security
"This is a great product for gaining complete control over malware. Antivirus often times will miss th..."
Kevin M.
IT Systems Team Lead
"From onsite training and assistance during go-live to continued product enhancements, we have felt su..."
Healthcare Company
Senior Systems Engineer
"I liked streaming prevention because it gave us much more insight into what was actually happening on..."
Fulcanelli Chavez
Sr Security Ops Analyst

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