"We couldn’t be more pleased with our relationship with CacheFly. There’s no conversations needed with..."
Dave Hamilton
"We wanted it to load very fast and CDNs are the best way to do that. You can shave off about 50-100ms..."
Joakim Lindkvist
"I consistently see that people on Twitter thank us for fast downloads. My hope was that we’d be able..."
Dan Benjamin
"One of our customers was contacted by CacheFly and that made us look at other CDNs. We quickly discov..."
Julian Perry
Managing Director
"I saw the value of CacheFly having endpoints across the world, since we have customers all over the w..."
Steve Lopez
Founder, President & Chief Architect
"CacheFly has exceeded our expectations on every level, from the technical operation of the actual ser..."
Jason Marlin
Director of Technology
"We started doing our research and found some CDNs - most of which were outrageously priced. We needed..."
Eric Renken
Director of Software Development
"Our clients and partners frequently perform load tests and uptime monitoring on our service, and we’v..."
John Dietz
VP of Products
"For us, the priorities are performance, then cost, then ease of use and features. CacheFly introduced..."
David Young
Chief Technology Officer
"We chose CacheFly because of the large Content Delivery Network they offered, multiple server locatio..."
Gustavo Sanchez
Director of Marketing
"We chose CacheFly after reading some reviews online where CacheFly was ranked to have the best perfor..."
Keith Lammers
Systems Analyst
"CacheFly has outperformed a number of other competitors in terms of uptime and almost flawless operat..."
David Law
Director of IT
"I think all software vendors should use a CDN to distribute their downloads. People want this stuff f..."
Dan Santoni
Software Developer
"When comparing CacheFly to the cost of bigger CDNs, there wasn’t enought of a difference. A lot of CD..."
Steve Rubinstein

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