"Using Bugsnag allows us to focus on projects that are important to our customers and that makes all t..."
Tatum Lade
Chief Technology Officer
"Bugsnag helps our development team fix issues faster with automatic alerts and deep crash diagnostics..."
Adrian MacNeil
Director of Engineering
"This is really good looking. I love how you do the stack+source together. Also sourcemaps, of course...."
Paul Irish
Chrome Dev Tools
"We now have all of the information we need to effectively reproduce an error and get it solved. This..."
George Loyer
Director of Technical Operations
"I've said this before but it needs to be repeated. @bugsnag is awesome. Product, team, support, every..."
Katrina Owen
"We check the Bugsnag dashboard regularly, as well as use the Slack integration to keep us informed of..."
Lucas Hrabovsky
Senior Software Engineer
"Bugsnag was a great tool to help us better understand trends on stability, bugs, and edge cases...."
Sam Weaver
Product Manager
"Because Bugsnag is so affordable and easy to set up, we can use it for every project and not just the..."
Bruce Stronge
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
"I depend on Bugsnag for error reporting across all my apps. It's indispensable for quickly finding an..."
Taylor Otwell
"In a sense it’s kind of like a safety net. If there’s a problem, we know we’re going to catch it. We..."
Ben Ilegbodu
Principal Frontend Engineer
"Bugsnag is a central tool that enables us to create ownership mentality for all software engineers...."
Eddie Kim
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
"We are working on more bugs than before and are able to identify them much faster...."
Teresa Dietrich
Chief Technology Officer
"Overall, Bugsnag has helped me become more confident in the code I ship, which in turn helps me ship..."
Blake Mesdag
Senior Developer, CI Infrastructure Team
"Bugsnag has been epic. It’s saved us more than 25 engineering hours a week that we can now spend work..."
Peep Pullerits
Engineering Lead

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