"BlackLine has brought us unprecedented transparency into the reconciliation process and a framework f..."
Georgia Roe
System Administrator
"It's wonderful to have our worldwide account reconciliations and SOX-related tasks firmly under contr..."
Steve Lindemann
"I just want to say thanks a lot for all your dedicated hard work. It is reassuring to know that we co..."
Todd Karkela
Manager of Accounting Services
"It is going great. I have set up automated feeds from Oracle to BlackLine. It is so nice to have a ce..."
Rick Marshall
Accounting Manager
"We are estimating that we can save conservatively at least 20% of the time that we currently spend in..."
Geoff Jegier
Project Leader for Global Informations
"I wanted to catch up with you and let you know that so far BlackLine has been a huge success here. My..."
Vincent Gabriele
"With BlackLine, instead of four reviews a year, we’re getting 12. What we’ve seen is what wasn’t gett..."
Mike Galus
Vice President, Finance and Accounting
"In addition to freeing up resources to divert to the SAP ERP implementation, we’re also finding that..."
Pat Withrow
Accounting Director
"I recommend BlackLine to any company that has a fairly robust chart of accounts, where there are a lo..."
Wade Pennington
Corporate Controller
"My favorite aspect of BlackLine is quicker journal entry processing time. BlackLine’s Excel® import t..."
Hannah Marshall
Senior Accountant
"Implementing BlackLine was a huge win for us. It delivered everything in efficiency and compliance th..."
Victoria Mangold
Director of Finance Operations
"When I came on board and looked at the reconciliation process, I noticed it could use some improvemen..."
Daisy Pitre
Director, Consolidations
"Daisy had so much knowledge of the product that it seemed like a no-brainer from our end. We took own..."
Denise Zerega
Managing Director, Global Consolidations
"Everyone was really receptive to taking on this new platform. They were able to get the support they..."
Christy Weems
Accounting Manager
"As a global organization, having visibility to the entire balance sheet is a need. The more global we..."
John Zimmerman
Director of Financial Data Systems
"BlackLine has reduced our risk as everything is now in the same format so we don’t need to jump betwe..."
Steve Whitelaw
Head of Systems, Technology and Controls

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