"The Bizzabo platform gave our event the social impact we really wanted to see- we saw an impressive n..."
Sofía Benjumea
"Bizzabo's integrated platform of ticketing + networking community + event app is a game changer...."
Ofir Leitner
Founder, Mobile Monetization Summit
"Using Bizzabo, we were able to successfully increase attendee engagement, helping us to create an int..."
Phillip Basil-Jones
National Digital & Online Communications Coordinator
"Bizzabo is designed by professionals who know the importance of making strong connections at in- pers..."
Phil Mershon
Director of Events, Social Media Examiner
"Bizzabo is a terrific all-in-one event solution for the metrics-driven organizer. Plus, they offer ex..."
Melissa Moore
Co-Founder of Lean Startup Co. and Executive Producer
"The best way to manage the entire value chain for your ticket holder in one place...."
Lloyed Lobo
"Using thr Bizzabo marketing tool truly streamlined our communication with attendees. It's so easy to..."
Kathryn Geller
Marketing Communication Manager
"Bizzabo's all-in-one platform gave attendees a seamless experience from ticket purchasing to relation..."
Jake Vago
Co-Founder, EdTech Europe
"Bizzabo is the cure for the crappy event and conference experience...."
Ricardo Bilton
"Bizzabo not only helped us to greatly increase engagement amongst our guests, but we were able to gai..."
Mark Records
"Thanks to Bizzabo’s analytics dashboard, we were able to make better decisions in our marketing spend..."
Hung Pham
"Bizzabo is a simple tool that allowed us to control our event without any hassle, saving us huges amo..."
Talloulah Matthews
Conference Administrator
"Bizzabo helped us create a seamless registration flow and track key metrics, keeping all event data i..."
Zoya Patel
Senior Communications Manager
"We’ve benefitted from Bizzabo by being able to run lean without need for custom coding, additional de..."
Cindy F. Solomon
The Product Summit
"Bizzabo is the ONLY option for a sophisticated event marketer. Ultimately what you want is tickets sa..."
Vasil Azarov
Growth Marketing Conference
"Bizzabo has the best revenue dashboard I've ever come across...."
Dasha Sukovatitsyn
Operations Manager

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