"We've experienced up to 50% improvement in process time and encountered nearly zero issues with deplo..."
Jan Marek
Head of BPM
"Bizagi BPMS is how software products should be: easy to use. Congratulations...."
Benjamin Antonio
"The Bizagi project has facilitated our growth, while enabling us to improve the patient experience...."
Morgan Porter
Chief Technology Officer
"Avoiding traditional project stages (analysis, design, test, etc.) and utilizing agile methods with B..."
Alberto Serfaty
Senior Manager Performance Improvement
"Bizagi's Shared Data Model removes data from process discussions, significantly accelerating design t..."
Arturo Derteano Maraña
Partner, Financial Services
"I've worked with other BPM tools but Bizagi offers an overwhelming number of advantages such as flexi..."
Pedro Gentil
Process Management
"The whole first project we deployed from start through to us which for us in Takeda is pretty much re..."
Rebecca Karp
Strategic Procurement Processes and Digital Lead
"Data centric system is a foundation for good case management, and this is what Bizagi BPM software do..."
Martin Stepanek
"Bizagi BPMS helped Prince Sultan Military Medical City to become a flagship hospital in Saudi Arabia,..."
Adnan Al-Tunisi
"Bizagi has become a philosophy – not just a system – which binds business and IT together in effectiv..."
Rui Dinis
Director of Finance & Administration
"Having used different BPM software solutions for over 10 years I think Bizagi is the ONE that allows..."
John Davison
Business Transformation Manager
"When somebody wants to discuss any specific business operations with me, I say: 'make a Bizagi out of..."
Michael Kahler
Business Process Analyst
"Workflow analysis has improved smart card processing times, reduced errors and improved back office e..."
Jan Wood
Assistant Director of IM&T, Consultant
"Bizagi substantially reduced the time cycle of the processes which allows us to fulfil customer servi..."
Bancolombia S A
"Seamless integration with the legacy SAP ERP system was crucial to enable the end-to-end process auto..."
"It was one of the best demonstrations of a software platform I have ever seen...."
Daniel Nutley
Business Analyst

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