"Having kids, there are always times you’re needed unexpectedly, so I can’t be in the office all the t..."
Miranda Faulkner Smith
"There’s no need to go back and forth with the versions, which saves time and prevents errors, and mea..."
Cathy Iconis
CEO & Client Finance Director
" is a great platform for keeping it simple, eliminating paperwork and making it easy to manag..."
Steve Bokmiller
"It’s very rare you get a service or software that works as advertised, is as close to that a..."
Aziz Hashim
President & CEO, National Restaurant Development
"Cash flow for us can run tight, so it’s helpful for me to always know how many checks are outstanding..."
Joshua Caulfield
CEO, Aias
"I just glance at my dashboard and instantly see the status of every bill...."
Dan Caserza
"We were drowning in invoices and spending way too much time processing paper. I used to dread the wee..."
Patti Randall
"Since allows us to add documentation, we can instantly view a bill and all of the informatio..."
Bing Cheng
" has streamlined the dues receivables process down to almost no effort at all...."
Diana Murray
Director of Business Development
"We went from one child to four children by adopting a sibling set of three in August 2015. Thank good..."
Greg Daley
CEO, Xcelerate
"Vendors don’t have to wait for a three-week turnaround now since it’s all in the cloud. They apprecia..."
Jessica Daley
"We don't recommend to our clients. We require our clients to use It saves tons of..."
Ann M. McGrath
"It’s really challenging working with paper—it’s annoying. We used to get a bunch of bills and not kno..."
Keeley Tillotson
Wild Friends Foods
"Now, the AP process is so efficient, we can be done with it before people have finished their morning..."
Kevin Matthews
FCCA, CFE, and President
"With it’s seamless. Everything’s integrated, and everything’s automated...."
Matthew Ackerman
"We require all clients to use We’ve gotten so busy and had so much luck with that..."
Brad Ebenhoeh
Managing Partner

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