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What is Barracuda Cloud?

Barracuda Cloud is an on-demand cloud platform that is utilized by over 150,000 users across the world including numerous existing Barracuda consumers who want an extra layer of protection and scalability. This system offers both SaaS and on-premise control over digital data for organizations of all scales in sectors such as education, government, legal, healthcare, retail, and others. It integrates seamlessly with the other tools in the Barracuda productivity suite.

Barracuda Cloud is a sophisticated platform that offers a range of operational and monitoring functionalities including secure remote access, application control, intrusion protection, web security, file sharing, and electronic signing. The software boasts excellent network performance despite the many content security features and provides automated maintenance and updating to make your IT squad’s tasks simpler.


Benefits of Barracuda Cloud

Three Modules

Barracuda Cloud consists of three main modules: Centralized Management, Secure Storage, and Continuous Threat Protection, all of which automate resource-consuming security tasks and ease web content filtering and performance. The system enables you to remotely access your data, monitor your network, and organize security policies according to your business operations and rules.

Added Security Layer

Barracuda Cloud offers an extra security layer to organizations’ operations and corporate data, including their email communications and files signed using the solution’s e-signature feature. The system automates backups and can even trigger them online to provide protection from any event. Plus, the software is updated automatically and can be configured in a cost-efficient manner to cover the new operations of growing businesses.

Proactive Protection

Barracuda Cloud offers a Central Subscription that allows you to prevent threats and avoid risks as this feature gives you the ability to monitor your network round the clock. This elastic cloud computing functionality offloads the CPU-intensive job of web content filtering, which strengthens low-latency network security which in turn halts threats before they can impact your data.

Web Centralized System

Secure storage is facilitated by seamless link to the Barracuda Message Archiver. This tool provides cloud storage for your emails if your local server is unavailable or your mailbox is full. In short, Barracuda Cloud is a comprehensive web centralized application where you can safely access and manage all your data, communications, reports, and security policies.

Product Features

  • Centralized management
  • Community forum
  • Continuous threat protection
  • Elastic cloud computing
  • Electronic signature
  • Minimal IT overhead
  • Product upgrades
  • Secure storage
  • SLA
  • Streamlined Barracuda backup connection
  • Trade compliance


Barracuda Networks offers pricing information on request. Contact the firm directly to share your details and get your personalized package.

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