"One of the biggest advantages of using Backupify is the ability to archive data from our properties a..."
Tim Dickson
Director of Technology
"We realized user error could extend throughout any number of the apps within Google Apps. Backupify..."
Calvin Larsen
IT Director
"With Backupify, I know that my data is protected. It’s the preventative maintenance that I need to ke..."
Eric Johnson
"Our goal is to provide customers with a complete cloud solution. We specialize in joining platforms t..."
Mark Williams
Senior Consultant
"I sleep better at night knowing that my data is protected with Backupify...."
Randal Schmidt
IT Operations, Business Continuity Planning Specialist
"We recently had a situation where an employee was cleaning up her Google Drive account and ended up p..."
Matt Brennan
Senior Systems Administrator
"Our C Suite wanted some sort of redundancy if Google should fail. Email is the heart of the company s..."
Larry Cooke
Sr. Manager Infrastructure and Client Services
"Working with Backupify for the last year, I can say there has been virtually no learning curve. It ch..."
Dustin Brandt
Director of IT
"With Backupify, backups for all of our data are automated, and I have the relief of knowing that we h..."
Troy Matthews
Network Administrator
"I selected Backupify because the feature set of Backupify was more robust than those of the competito..."
Andrew Crawford
Associate Director, Systems Administration
"Our data retention has to be pretty infallible. With Backupify, our Google Apps data is bulletproof...."
Mike Denning
"Our partnership with Backupify has provided us with an additional revenue stream and helped us close..."
"We are happy with the support we receive. Backupify’s customer service has been fantastic as have the..."
Joey Iannetta
Certified Google Apps Administrator
"It is an insurance policy for us. It’s a safety net that protects us from human error...."
Garrett Cox
Internal Infrastructure Engineer
"Backupify was the missing piece to being able to confidently roll Google Apps out to my whole organiz..."
Tom Devitt
Director of Technology
"Data loss is a sign of the times, and if you don’t have something in place from the beginning, there..."
Thomas Cosby
IT Operations Engineer

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