"Our goal is to provide customers with a complete cloud solution. We specialize in joining platforms t..."
Mark Williams
Senior Consultant
"Backupify’s technology and user interface are superior, and I enjoy working with the team there. When..."
Hilary Croach
VP of Technology and CIO
"We realized user error could extend throughout any number of the apps within Google Apps. Backupify..."
Calvin Larsen
IT Director
"One of my favorite features about Backupify is having access to all of the files over the past severa..."
Meghan Butler
IT Applications Administrator
"We need to ensure that our data is protected from occurrences like accidental deletions, user errors,..."
Alan Harrington
Director of Engineering Operations
"Our C Suite wanted some sort of redundancy if Google should fail. Email is the heart of the company s..."
Larry Cooke
Sr. Manager Infrastructure and Client Services
"I perceived Backupify as the industry leader. No one else was as established and as thorough...."
Adrian O’Donnell
IT Manager
"Backupify was simple to learn from the very start. Everything was right there and easy to find from t..."
Richard DeVera
Help Desk Manager of IT
"Being able to find individual items down to a specific day has been amazing. We’ve repeatedly had use..."
Corey St. Onge
IT Manager
"I have peace of mind now that we’re using Backupify...."
Tim Coleman
"With Google, if you want to restore a mailbox, it’s not that easy. Backupify’s UI offers an easy to u..."
Ed Becker
Director of IT
"With Backupify, backups for all of our data are automated, and I have the relief of knowing that we h..."
Troy Matthews
Network Administrator
"Our partnership with Backupify has provided us with an additional revenue stream and helped us close..."
"We are happy with the support we receive. Backupify’s customer service has been fantastic as have the..."
Joey Iannetta
Certified Google Apps Administrator
"Data loss is a sign of the times, and if you don’t have something in place from the beginning, there..."
Thomas Cosby
IT Operations Engineer
"People are used to Gmail and when they have that familiarity, Backupify is nice because it gives them..."
Jake Kienholz
Global IT manager

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