"We partnered with Backupify because they are the leader in cloud-to-cloud backup. They not only have..."
Colin McCarthy
IT Manager
"We recently had a situation where an employee was cleaning up her Google Drive account and ended up p..."
Matt Brennan
Senior Systems Administrator
"With Backupify, I have a single pane of glass for managing all of my backups, and I can immediately s..."
Nick Cunningham
IT Manager
"Backupify’s technology and user interface are superior, and I enjoy working with the team there. When..."
Hilary Croach
VP of Technology and CIO
"We needed a backup solution for Google Apps that suited our specific needs. Backupify was the perfect..."
Owen Chung
Senior Systems Administrator
"One of the biggest advantages of using Backupify is the ability to archive data from our properties a..."
Tim Dickson
Director of Technology
"One of my favorite features about Backupify is having access to all of the files over the past severa..."
Meghan Butler
IT Applications Administrator
"With Backupify, I know that my data is protected. It’s the preventative maintenance that I need to ke..."
Eric Johnson
"Being able to find individual items down to a specific day has been amazing. We’ve repeatedly had use..."
Corey St. Onge
IT Manager
"It was the culture aspect, rather than the cost or technical aspect that sold it. Remploy knew Google..."
Lenka Sherry-Sole
Business Manager for IS
"I perceived Backupify as the industry leader. No one else was as established and as thorough...."
Adrian O’Donnell
IT Manager
"If there is an instance where someone misplaces a file, or transfers ownership to someone else, withi..."
Ronnie Main
Service Operations Manager
"I selected Backupify because the feature set of Backupify was more robust than those of the competito..."
Andrew Crawford
Associate Director, Systems Administration
"Data loss is a sign of the times, and if you don’t have something in place from the beginning, there..."
Thomas Cosby
IT Operations Engineer
"Setting up our Backupify account was extremely easy. We were up and running in less than ten minutes...."
Doug Perry
IT Manager
"Our partnership with Backupify has provided us with an additional revenue stream and helped us close..."

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