"And for me, the thing I like best is the 1099 reporting aspect of it. It used to take me a week to do..."
Sheila Taylor
"We have increased our fleet by 4 times and only had to add one person. If we were to double our fleet..."
Venci Mudrov
"Payroll has been one of the main things that Axon has made very efficient. It used to take about a da..."
Felicia Guillory
Office Manager
"The fact that we can generate, build, and create our own reports – we can design them for what we wan..."
Terry Evans
VP of Finance and Administration
"The support from Axon is top notch. When I call, when I email, I get an almost immediate response. Th..."
Sharon Chapin
Operational Manager
"Yes, it is for me. I do all the billing, and the payroll, and all the miscellaneous entries we have t..."
Jodie Luebchow
Fox Transport Co
"I didn’t find another program that did everything, where you put an entry in and it goes everywhere i..."
Wilma Kuznacki
Fox Transport Co
"It used to take me two days to do payroll and now I can get it done in a matter of hours. . . . I do..."
Tracy Blank
Office Manager
"With the growth that One Call has done in the last 3 years from 5 trucks to 25 trucks, it would be im..."
Pat Tetrault
"It’s Just A Turnkey Deal, The Software Does Everything For Us...."
Frank Pender
"We are absolutely ecstatic with this system from so many different standpoints It’s so much easier to..."
Jackie Mason
D & D Trucking and Services
"They [Owner Operators] get a statement that shows every ticket they’re getting paid for and how much..."
Tamara Weaver
Office Manager
"We found pretty quickly that with the software we were able to redistribute jobs when people left the..."
Carol Uglow
Regal Service Company
"I like the way that you can access the tickets, whether it’s when you’re doing payroll or if you’re j..."
Sherry Hafner
Office Manager
"Without Hiring Additional Personnel, We’ve Probably Saved Over a Quarter of a Million Dollars Just by..."
Konstantin Zecevic
"One of the things that I like to tell everybody is that it covers everything you need from start to f..."
Doris Morris

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