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Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by Avst.

FeaturedCustomers.com has 11 case studies. Browse this list to see how Avst has worked with different customers like SDSU and University of Toronto.
Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by Avst.

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With CX-E, SDSU received not only an upgraded voice application solution but also an extensive list of new mobility and business process integration features. Unified messaging was on top of SDSU’s list, but the campus needed a solution that could integrate with their existing Google™ Gmail™ system. SDSU’s hybrid cloud approach to implementing UC was not a problem for AVST as CX-E was designed to deliver unified messaging to any email system (whether on-premise or in the cloud). “We were very impressed with CX-E’s flexibility to integrate with our Google Gmail email system and make messages accessible through mobile devices or a web client. It was just so easy,” continues Ledgerwood.

Riny Ledgerwood

Director of Voice Services & ATI
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AVST’s solutions are deployed in more than 1,000 universities today. AVST’s unrivaled interoperability is highly valued by institutions that have made substantial investments in telephony, e-mail, and other critical IT infrastructure components. AVST delivers productivity-enabling mobile, voice and business process applications - all while preserving customers’ existing and future IT investments. Protect your past and define your future with AVST.

Debbie Stewart

Director of Telecommunications, University of Toronto
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CX-E is the industry’s most interoperable UC platform on the market. The extensive interoperability of the CX-E platform was developed specifically to support educational institutions seeking to deploy UC in a rapidly evolving IT landscape – telephony, email and/or corporate databases – on-premise, in a private or public cloud and/or a hybrid configuration. By deploying AVST’s CX-E UC platform as part of an overall UC solution portfolio, an organization can avoid single vendor lock-in, achieve high availability objectives and centralize UC infrastructure into a data center/private cloud configuration. CX-E delivers best-of-breed UC mobile, voice and business process applications including: unified messaging; speech recognition; context-aware personal assistant; mobile client for iPhone® and Android™; automated attendant; call processing; voicemail; fax; notification and other business process capabilities.

Deb Martinez

Telecommunications Manager, Aims Community college
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Parker selected AVST’s CX-E Unified Communications (UC) platform for several reasons. “With AVST’s long history of providing CX-E to the top healthcare hospitals and clinics, it was the only solution that could meet our stringent uptime requirements,” he said.“With such a high call volume, we needed a dependable system to ensure effective communication when lives are on the line. AVST enables us to be that much more responsive to our more than 140,000 patients and their families.”

David Parker

Director of IT Service Continuity, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
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While basic features like Octel TUI emulation and robust reporting were very important, the key for the City of Baltimore was the ability to transition to VoIP (CX-E supports over 400+ telephony integrations). This transition was imperative to the city’s future growth plans. Today, CX-E supports over 5,000 users and handles 120,000 calls per month for the city, with plenty of room for further growth. With CX-E’s robust automated attendant, the city created hundreds of menu trees to transfer calls to the right departments. To support the city’s requirement for zero downtime, CX-E has been deployed with a resilient architecture including survivable call servers.

Simon Etta

Department of Communications Services, City of Baltimore
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CX-E was the best solution for the City of Phoenix,” Henderson added. “Not only could it seamlessly integrate with our hardware architecture, but its ability to mimic “We realized early on that in order to meet the needs of the Octel user interface which is already familiar to our our 14,000 users today, we needed to be able to deploy users is a strong factor. As a result, we had to invest very a robust, highly scalable and cost effective solution in little in training to migrate our 14,000+ employees to the a short period of time with minimal disruption to our new system.” current users who are scattered across more than two dozen city departments and functions, with CX-E all this THE RESULTS is possible.

Linda Henderson

IT Supervisor, City of Phoenix
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Atom enables us to live in a hands-free, speech-driven communications world,” Phelps explained. “The ability to simply speak commands to make calls, appointments, and check my messages just makes my life easier.

Scott Phelps

Director of Information Technology, Pittsburgh Steelers
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When Mack initiated an evaluation of solutions to replace the university’s Octel system, Avaya, AVST and Interactive Intelligence were included in the discovery process. A number of key factors played into the decisionmaking. First, UW needed a solution that could easily integrate with its existing Avaya IP and digital telephony systems, as well as deliver unified messaging to its mixed email landscape — Google Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365 in the future.

Steve Mack

Manager of Telecom Operations, University of Washington
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In business for more than 100 years, Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company is one of the nation’s leading regional property and casualty insurance companies. When the Avaya® INTUITY™ Audix® equipment being used by Amerisure was reaching end of life, the company turned to its trusted communications partner Techmode for guidance. With Amerisure’s 675 employees spread out across the country in 11 Core Service Centers, the company required a centralized solution that was easy to manage and maintain – while at the same time meeting the mission critical business needs of a large workforce that needed to stay connected on the go.

Lori Wodrich

Voice Communication Analyst for Amerisure
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CX-E surpassed our expectations,” said Mulholland. “Our standard is that citizens should be able to retrieve information or reach the individual they need within 40 seconds. We are pleased that the system is powerful enough to cover a wide variety of applications. AVST’s professional services remained available to us to help as needed to apply CX-E functions to our requirements.

Dan Mulholland

Telecommunications Manager, Lane Council of Governments
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Waukesha County relied on their 36 port Octel VMX 300 for their voicemail and auto attendant requirements since 1991. While the Octel system had been very reliable, age had caught up with it making replacement parts difficult to get, creating high maintenance costs and causing intermittent connectivity issues for administrators trying to manage the system. Waukesha County averages 119,000 calls per month and supports over 20 departments, so they needed a new messaging solution that would keep their community connected 24 x 7. One of the biggest concerns facing Allen Mundt, IT Infrastructure Administrator for Waukesha County, was that the new system would need to provide existing call processing and voicemail functionality and be extremely reliable. In addition, it must integrate with the County’s current Centrex telephony system and support their future transition to IP telephony.

Becky Calder

Telecom Specialist, Waukesha County.
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