"We didn’t want to go through the headache of changing our accounts payable system; we just wanted to..."
Stacey Watson
"Duke Realty’s banking and coding structure is unique, so we knew the importance of partnering with a..."
Carla Hicks
AP Manager
"It’s amazing! We cannot go through a day without it...."
Chavdar Momchev
Director of Data & Voice Communications
"AvidInvoice prevents a tremendous amount of manual input and misplaced information...."
Richard Ross
Chief Financial Officer
"We have been using AvidInvoice and AvidBuy for more than two years. The benefit of having an electron..."
Bill Rothwell
Vice President
"We had two main objectives in implementing AvidInvoice, first to gain real-time visibility to our out..."
Tom Rutherford
Chief Financial Officer
"AvidXchange has proven itself as a leader, and NTS is proud to be affiliated with your company...."
David B. Pitchford
Vice President and Treasurer
"I am very satisfied with the impact that automating our payables with AvidXchange has had on my work..."
Janet Baxter
Associate Accounting Manager
"My personal reason to automate was going green, but my motivation for our company was to have all of..."
Nicole Claret
Director of Cash Management
"AvidXchange has improved our overall operational efficiency, and we can’t imagine going back to our o..."
Chris Ryan
AP Manager
"AvidXchange has helped us put accountability on the coders and approvers, and taken it off of the acc..."
Lori Williams
AP Manager
"AvidXchange has improved our overall operational efficiency. We can’t imagine going back to our old p..."
Paige Meriwether
"AvidXchange has a more robust offering with superior services compared to competitors in the marketpl..."
Medium Enterprise Construction Company
"AvidXchange has streamlined our A/P processes and given us the ability to be scalable...."
Sheri Corral
"Create-A-Check works seamlessly with Sage Timberline, so it was very easy to integrate it into our ac..."
Rick Hornburg
"We are providing much better services to our clients. We are paying vendors on time, and we have visi..."
Robert Pagliaro
Senior Director, Financial Operations

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