"The amount of paperwork involved with our manual process was becoming unmanageable and the process ha..."
Gary Hess
IT Manager of Business Services
"I was so accustomed to the manila folder filled with invoices and handwritten notes that I questioned..."
Jeff Sigmon
Senior Property Manager
"When my boss asks if we can close tomorrow, I say ‘Sure, no problem...."
Shanna Williams
AP Manager
"We had three main objectives in implementing AvidInvoice, first was to develop a scalable AP process;..."
Kevin Dillard
Chief Financial Officer
"AvidInvoice prevents a tremendous amount of manual input and misplaced information...."
Richard Ross
Chief Financial Officer
"We have been using AvidInvoice and AvidBuy for more than two years. The benefit of having an electron..."
Bill Rothwell
Vice President
"Because AvidInvoice tracks where each invoice is in the approval process, we know where the bottlenec..."
Charmaine Davis-Murray
Director of Property Management Accounting
"We had two main objectives in implementing AvidInvoice, first to gain real-time visibility to our out..."
Tom Rutherford
Chief Financial Officer
"We saved a small fortune on our utility bills; we pay less for what we consume and our processing cos..."
Ed Gower
Assistant VP Corporate Facilities Manager
"AvidXchange has reduced the amount of time we used for filing, improving the invoice approval process..."
Medium Enterprise Health Care Company
AP Manager
"It’s a ‘virtual filing cabinet’ that can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have an Internet co..."
Sheri Sears
Richmond Regional Controller
"Our strategy centers around targeting the customers we want to do business with and delivering them b..."
Clark Khayat
Head of Enterprise Commercial Payments
"AvidXchange invoice management software has significantly reduced processing paper invoices. It allow..."
Medium Enterprise Real Estate Company
AP Manager
"Create-A-Check works seamlessly with Sage Timberline, so it was very easy to integrate it into our ac..."
Rick Hornburg
"Since all of our office and field personnel, not just accounting employees, are users of AvidXchange...."
Marine Spill Response Corporation
"The processing time has dropped significantly. We were processing invoices in terms of days to now pr..."
Marcell Williams
Process Involvement Manager

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