"It’s not going to do your work for you. Prepare to roll up your sleeves. Make sure policies are corre..."
Nicolette Molina
Senior Supply Chain Analyst
"We've not only seen generous financial gains from the reduction of excess inventory as a by product o..."
Molly Rammel-Puckett
Vice President of Demand Management & Operations
"It allowed us to manage our Sales and Operations in a way that was out of this world. Most importantl..."
Christian Tebbs
Director of Business Intelligence
"Joe Averill is amazing! (From Development & Support)..."
Erica Davis
Director of Planning
"Outstanding support is another feature that makes this a smart choice. It something needs tweaking to..."
Michael Gilreath
Inventory and Procurement Management
"Matt recalls that the company image in the market place was that [OOLY] was always out of stock, coul..."
Matt Peters
Vice President of Operations
"With thousands of fast moving SKUs we are able to manage the forecasting and planning in literally mi..."
Pranav Gupta
Forecast Analyst
"Avercast showed that they had the development personnel and the personality of the company to grow wi..."
Paul Feorene
Manager- Logistics, & Parts Management
"I think for almost everyone who has used Avercast, they say it’s very good. We always get good servic..."
Martin Toh
Executive Vice President of Operations
"I like that the Avercast is fast. It doesn't take too long to run reports and review our items on Sum..."
Mei K.
Data Analyst
"I'm confident in their ability to deliver on the expectations that you have...."
Cassidy Laudadio
Materials Manager
"I find [Avercast] very easy to use. It’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s laid out simple enough that it..."
Barbara Tapia
Supply Chain Manager
"We had a lot of excitement for Avercast as [they] were showing us the possibilities. The potential fo..."
Josh Rocha
Walker Edison

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