"We had a strong relationship with Autodesk Consulting for more than a decade and anticipate that rela..."
Ricardo Khan
Director of Integrated Construction
"BIM 360 Field helps us save time on projects as we execute our quality and safety program. This helps..."
Anthony Bond
"Reporting is not just for us. We’re more than willing to bring clients into the data generated on the..."
Chris Fogg
Virtual Design and Construction Manager
"Time is money, especially in the construction world, and every owner wants more value for their money..."
Weston Tanner
Virtual Construction Manager
"There are lessons that cannot be taught in the classroom. Having to rely on other people is part of t..."
Charmaine Ferguson
Constructing Architect and BIM Instructor
"Autodesk BIM 360 Glue is filling a need in the industry to expedite the VDC process. We are already s..."
Jonathan Mallie
Principal/Managing Director
"The industry is focused on comprehensive project integration. We think Autodesk BIM 360 Glue is going..."
Erik Churchill
Project Manager
"When it comes to infrastructure for our projects, relying on the cloud for our model hosting also eli..."
Chad Speas
Design Applications Manager
"Many times when multiple architectural firms associate, they look at how they will break work apart...."
Brent Kelley
Aviation Principal
"We sit in different locations, being in Portland and in Denver, but really BIM 360 Team has made us o..."
Corey Ochsner
Senior Associate
"BIM 360 Glue really clicked for people. It speaks to both the foreman out in the field and the engine..."
Lincoln Wood
Regional Director, Technology & Innovation
"With BIM 360 Glue, it’s not just a quicker learning curve. It’s the speed of adoption. People who I n..."
Tyler Goss
Regional Virtual Design and Construction Manager
"We were able to coordinate the entire multiuse building—21,000 square feet—in just six hours. Prior t..."
Adam Della Monica
VDC Engineer
"Autodesk Consulting really helped our key trainers around the country get up to speed quickly and lea..."
Scott West
Director of Quality
"It’s a more efficient way of collaborating. Students spend more time addressing issues rather than tr..."
Raymond Issa
"As General Contractor of China Zun Tower, we focus on technical innovation. We have applied 20+ new t..."
Xu Lishan
Executive Chief Engineer & Construction Director

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