"BIM 360 Field saves the construction management team and inspectors substantial time every day. It ad..."
Maximilian Schütz
BIM Manager
"We’ve spotted numerous minor clashes, and for each, there are savings in cost and time. The big benef..."
Johan Kuppens
"Being able to view and interact with the model on mobile devices has the potential to transform the w..."
Jaap de Boer
BIM Manager
"We can now minimise information losses substantially using BIM. All those involved in a project can a..."
Mark Jäckel Revit
Project Manager
"Thanks to the automatic alerts from the BIM 360 Docs, the designers respond on time based on the dead..."
Kevin Xu
Project Integration Director
"There are lessons that cannot be taught in the classroom. Having to rely on other people is part of t..."
Charmaine Ferguson
Constructing Architect and BIM Instructor
"BIM 360 Field and HYway allow our safety personnel to efficiently capture data on job sites using iPa..."
Michael Parkes
Project Manager
"We had a very strong gut feeling: virtual construction will be the future. The power of prediction tu..."
Rob van Dorp
"Constant monitoring of information creates an integrated unit and better cooperation, but also reveal..."
Ben Chamach
Deputy Director
"BIM 360 is the backbone of the project. From safety checklists to management inspections, from materi..."
Jeroen Horlings
Project Manager
"Our business model is structured around handing out iPads with the Autodesk BIM 360 Field mobile app..."
Tomislav Zigo
Director of Virtual Design and Construction
"We sit in different locations, being in Portland and in Denver, but really BIM 360 Team has made us o..."
Corey Ochsner
Senior Associate
"A big advantage of BIM 360 Field is that it helped us shave time from the overall project schedule. T..."
Nathan Ducote
Project Manager
"We wanted to fully understand spatially what was going to fit. If the laser could see it we now have..."
Mike Beckett
Managing Director
"I am saving two hours per day by having the information to hand and not having to walk back to the of..."
Jamie Robert
Senior Site Manager
"Students can easily transfer and exchange models and information within models. The result is a workf..."
Ashwin Mahalingam
Assistant Professor

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