"We were one of the first marketing reporting tools on the market, and thanks to our in-depth understa..."
Marie Lamonde
Content Marketing and Communications Specialist
"We had a pretty small team and needed a solution that would not take us long hours of work and mainte..."
Francis Lessard
Senior Front-End Developer
"A key thing we really liked about Auth0 is our ability to customize the user interface. That was real..."
Andrew Brodie
Chief Technology Officer
"Creating an authentication solution in-house was going to be at least 10 times the cost of just using..."
Sean Fernandez
Chief Information Officer
"Authentication and user management is critical to our platform and critical to our security posture a..."
Steven Rogers
Chief Systems & Security Officer
"Getting identity management out of the way was, surprisingly, a really big deal, both to these proud..."
David Bernick
Director of Technology, Department of Biomedical Informatics
"So we have customers using Azure, AD; others use ADFS, and others use now Okta, User Password, MFA. T..."
Manuel Reil
Chief Technology Officer
"Developers are quite happy with Auth0, as they feel they have better control. We have developers from..."
Pierre Alvear Foxler
Service Manager, IAM
"We didn’t even have to host that ourselves, and we are leveraging the OAuth integration that Auth0 al..."
Sung Ho Choi
"Organizations with maybe a 10-year history, who might have been built up pre-cloud, they are seeing c..."
John McKim
VP of Product & Technology
"To Battlefy, Auth0 is really the only identity service provider. We turned to them to replace existin..."
Ronald Chen
Sr. Software Developer
"Houston’s Auth0 product expertise has proved valuable from Day 1 of our collaboration...."
Simo Syrjänen
Chief Technology Officer
"We focus exclusively on service and feel our clients will be far more successful when they choose Ser..."
Matthew Baumgartner
Global Chief Information Officer
"The first thing was for us was execution speed, to get up and running straightaway. And making it rea..."
Doug Inman
Chief Information Officer
"The main difference between Auth0 and the other competitors: since the beginning Auth0 was building a..."
Javier Voos
Head of Engineering
"In our projects, the main priority is time to market. Auth0 helped us focus on delivering functionali..."
Lucas Archina

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