"We took a strategic bet on Auth0 by using their sophisticated identity infrastructure, rather than bu..."
James Gardener
"Peace of mind by having something that is proven and super easy to implement is the number one reason..."
Luis Salazar
Co-Founder and CEO
"Having Auth0 around to provide immediate answers to our questions saved our developers a great deal o..."
Cris Concepcion
Engineering Manager
"Auth0 blew our minds. The solution was development friendly, it was implemented quickly, and infrastr..."
Amol Date
Product Manager
"Being a standards based organization, it was important for Bluetooth SIG to implement a standards bas..."
Jeremy Syme
Director of Systems Engineering
"The biggest selling point was that Auth0 is super easy for developers to use and integrate. We also a..."
Kenneth Carroll
VP of software platform
"We were very impressed with how fast the Auth0 team gets back to us when we have a question. We have..."
Manu Cohen-Yashar
Specialized tech architect
"To Battlefy, Auth0 is really the only identity service provider. We turned to them to replace existin..."
Ronald Chen
Sr. Software Developer
"Getting identity management out of the way was, surprisingly, a really big deal, both to these proud..."
David Bernick
Director of Technology
"Thanks you for your help. We saw over 1.3 million registrations and our campaign got a social media s..."
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