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Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by Attachmate.

FeaturedCustomers.com has 6 case studies. Browse this list to see how Attachmate has worked with different customers like Pharmacy Data Management and Freightliner.
Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by Attachmate.

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It didn’t take long to deploy Reflection for the Web, and PDM was able to tailor the product to meet specific security requirements. Beyond authenticating users, PDM needs to verify that the user is accessing the Reflection for the Web terminal session from a secure computer. To meet this need, Randlett created an ASP page that checks the IP address of the client workstation and then queries a SQL database. If the IP address is from an authorized location, the user can access the Reflection for the Web session.

Steve Randlett

Network Administrator, Pharmacy Data Management
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There have been HR benefits, too. Removing the need to manually process information has freed up internal resources. “The project has been rolled out successfully to many other customers and it has improved our ability to accept more business from them because no one is wasting time chasing information,” said Turner. Being able to do this at a relatively small additional investment has made it a really high-value-for-money product in our view.”

Colin Thompson

Group IT Director, Freightliner
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Management offices and branches needed a quick and secure way to connect to that mainframe information from PCs. To that end, Poste Italiane wanted a three-tier terminal emulation solution—PC-server-mainframe. It also wanted disaster recovery capabilities and guarantee minimum intervention by internal IT staff.

Mario Nocera

In-Charge of UNIX and Windows Operating Systems, Poste Italiane Group
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He concludes: “Verastream gives us access to a huge amount of data that we otherwise couldn’t get to in real time. It enables us to speed up multiple transactions and ultimately increase the value that we gain from our existing mainframe system.”

Paul Brough

Business Systems Analyst, Avis Europe
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Renew founded their business on software supplied by Cheshire Data Systems Ltd., an industry-leading insurance software provider. The CDL “Classic” system is a long-established, terminal-based system. According to Derek Roberts, Renew systems director, the goal was to find a terminal emulation solution that could seamlessly integrate with this core sales platform and improve user productivity in the process.

Derek Roberts

Systems Director, Renew Insurance
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Reflection is also integrated with Microsoft Office 2010, allowing users to insert host data into Word documents, emails, or PowerPoint slides with the click of a mouse. Reflection features a clipboard and a progress display, simplifying collaboration of host and Office applications.

Volker Kunze

Software Developer, BVE
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