"One of the greatest benefits for our clients is to be able to capture all of their data into a single..."
Peter Thompson
Managing Director, LiveBackup
"We’re looking forward to growing with Asigra as they continue to enhance their award-winning data bac..."
Brent Reichow
CEO, Blueshift Data Protection
"I’ve spoken with a number of companies who have tried using other solutions which may work fine in sm..."
Tom Dugan
CEO, Recovery Networks
"I don’t worry about backups like I used to anymore. The savings in time have been really beneficial...."
Ivan De Moya
IT Director, Equity One, Inc.
"One of the largest benefits from using Data Storage Corporation’s SafeData DR is the ease-of-use. Bec..."
Patrick Gallagher
Vice President of Technology, Standard Parking
"Data security and encryption are very important. We would not have chosen this solution if it was wit..."
Gilbert Monfero
System Engineer, IT Infrastructure, MI Holdings
"The added confidence in BTL’s service led to Papworth Trust taking up BTL’s Virtual Disaster Recovery..."
Andy Maclean
Infrastructure Manager Papworth Trust
"As a financial services business, it is critical that client data remains accessible and securely sto..."
Glen DeGeare
Backup Engineer
"With our previous manual backup plan, data loss was a huge challenge, along with time taken in the re..."
Dheeraj Kumar
IT Head
"Our old solution was at its end of life and out of support. Our desire was to move to a more up-to-da..."
Dave Homer
ICT Project Manager
"As we have grown our business with Asigra, we have come to appreciate the overall value of our partne..."
Doug Hood
Chief Architect, FIS Global
"Now that a lot more of our paper documents are scanned, our business increasingly relies on digital d..."
Colin Mitton
IT Manager
"To meet all the requirements, the Securstore solution powered by Asigra was an obvious choice. Data s..."
Davíd Davídsson
IT Manager, Statistics Iceland
"The new low-touch backup environment by TAS France and Asigra has more than met our expectations. The..."
Fabrice Lamy
Senior Infrastructure Manager
"We see the data protection capability that Dataedge provides as a critical service for our clients, t..."
Ben Poese
Helpdesk Manager
"A level of service reliability that wasn’t previously attainable. Cost-containment of data backup & d..."
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