"From the beginning, Ashcom has supported us. They populated the system by importing our Excel data an..."
Jim Rizzi
Director of Facilities
"We learned that simply installing a CMMS isn’t enough...."
Nathan Rhoades
Maintenance Department Manager
"We will get the desired results with a much more effective and utilized MaintiMizer™ system...."
Keith Longhurst
Engineering Manager
"I would recommend Continuous Improvement Curriculum training to anyone that is interested in more tha..."
Mike Smith
Kent Displays
"The bottom line is that MaintiMizer™ helps me maintain the campus more smoothly than in previous year..."
Mike Jackino
Facilities Coordinator
"The system has helped us grow and modernize as a department. We’re more transparent, and people are m..."
Chris Hall
Maintenance Manager
"Using the MaintiMizer™ system has worked out well for everyone...."
Ed Williams
Facility Maintenance Supervisor
"As much as MaintiMizer™ has helped my department do its job better, the benefits to our members have..."
Jerry Reed
Property Manager
"Life is easier with the MaintiMizer™ system. It helps my department function at a higher level...."
Jim Whitcomb
Manager of Engineering and Maintenance
"Ashcom has been very accommodating. They’ve done a lot of work for us to make sure our system works w..."
Phil Glover
Senior Manufacturing Engineer for Maintenance and Facilities
"We’d have a bearing failure because nobody knew they were supposed to check and fill the oil reservoi..."
Rip Medlinger
Maintenance Supervisor
"At first, it was hard to get some people to buy in, once they saw what MaintiMizer could do they were..."
Ben Stuart
Environmental Compliance Officer and Plant Engineer

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