"The Aryaka solution immediately resolved our network stability and application performance issues. We..."
John Haniotis
Senior Vice President Products, Accept Software
"Before deploying the Aryaka solution, we found that our WAN performance was so slow that it was unusa..."
Sarvesh Mahesh
CEO, Tavant Technologies
"The Aryaka solution enabled us to do real-time data replication, and our designers didn’t have to wai..."
Joe Letizia
Global Director of Information Technology
"With our precious capital and limited technical resources, we didn’t want to pay for big fat pipes or..."
Alan Henderson
Information Systems Manager
"We had a need to expand our global network. The current global MPLS solution was to0 costly and suppo..."
Huw Bamford
Head of IT, World Transport Agency
"We were looking at ways in which we could improve RDP performance and reduce network latency. The tra..."
Ramnarayan Prasad
System Administrator, Apex CoVantage
"When we evaluated Aryaka’s solution, we were pleasantly surprised with the superior quality and stabi..."
Prakash Dharmani
"File transfers are much faster, our PLM application is reliable, and our cloud-based SAP Business ByD..."
Yohan Beghein
Sr. Network Engineer
"I have worked with so many other vendors and their tech support, but Aryaka’s tech support is probabl..."
Springman Lee
Network Manager
"Aryaka helps Augmedix take away the burden of HER documentation from doctors by enabling the task to..."
Venkat Kankipati
VP and Head of IT, Infrastructure, and Customer Engineering
"Large companies with global WAN deployments should consider Aryaka their global SD-WAN solution has b..."
Alex Vieux
Publisher and Chief Executive Officer
"Aryaka gives us much better flexibility, improves service levels, lowers overall cost, and simplifies..."
Mark Hopkins
Director of Information Technology
"Aryaka's CDN will extend beyond the origin-to-edge structure offered by traditional CDNs, providing t..."
Stephen Brown
Director of Marketing
"We have engineers that are in remote places around the world and we need to make sure they can work a..."
John DeBella
Director of Infrastructure
"With nearly 80% of our WAN traffic used for cloud and SaaS applications, it was apparent we needed to..."
Shin Sterneck
Head of Global Network and Telecommunication Services
"For us, the Aryaka solution contributes greatly to the hybridization of our global network and is one..."
Ruediger Hoppen
Global Officer IT Infrastructure

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