"Increased application performance is the main reason we chose the Aryaka solution. Once we deployed i..."
Praveen Pai
Manager, Symphony Services Group
"We considered moving resources closer by building out more data centers or investing in fully meshed..."
Brad Taylor
Global Director of Technology Operations, Calypso Technology
"Our employees in Singapore and Monaco were having issues with video call quality and remote desktop a..."
Lucas Foo
IT Manager, Petredec
"Ideal solution for us had to accelerate application performance, be reliable, scalable and minimize I..."
Mark Jones
IT Manager, Anite
"We had a need to expand our global network. The current global MPLS solution was to0 costly and suppo..."
Huw Bamford
Head of IT, World Transport Agency
"We were facing severe issues with connectivity to our plants in China as performance and stability of..."
Luca Simoncini
ICT Supervisor, Marposs
"We were looking at ways in which we could improve RDP performance and reduce network latency. The tra..."
Ramnarayan Prasad
System Administrator, Apex CoVantage
"With Aryaka’s Office 365 acceleration solution, our employees experienced terrific performance improv..."
Kenny Gilbert
"The entire onboarding experience with Aryaka was very systematic, simple and quick. The benefits seen..."
Arvindra Sehmi
"We wre quite concerned about the investment needed to build this type of high-speed network. In addit..."
Mark Baker
"I have worked with so many other vendors and their tech support, but Aryaka’s tech support is probabl..."
Springman Lee
Network Manager
"Our users in China were experiencing a lot of performance issues while using Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and..."
G Sowmiyanarayanan
General Manager of IT Infrastructure
"Once we deployed the Aryaka solution, we saw a dramatic decrease in application response time from ho..."
Greg Wade
IT Director
"Large companies with global WAN deployments should consider Aryaka their global SD-WAN solution has b..."
Alex Vieux
Publisher and Chief Executive Officer
"Aryaka's CDN will extend beyond the origin-to-edge structure offered by traditional CDNs, providing t..."
Stephen Brown
Director of Marketing
"Our previous connection was unstable and slow. It was not able to cope with the fast-paced internatio..."
Bi Xiang Rong
IT Manager Asia

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