"Every once in a while an e-learning application comes along that simply redefines the rules of what i..."
Jim Riley
CEO, Tutor2u
"Usually with dramatic upgrades in software, the learning curve is steep. Not the case with Articulate..."
Charles Zoffuto
E-learning Consultant and Trainer
"Many thanks for your rapid response. Articulate Presenter is up and running again on my laptop! Your..."
Gerard Locke
Healthcare Technology Management Consultant
"It’s rare that an authoring tool does what it’s supposed to do, with ease and simplification. Articul..."
Glenn Greenberg
"Articulate Studio ’09 has been quickly and very easily adopted by subject matter experts at SickKids..."
Glen Blair
Program Manager – eLearning Design
"Besides the exorbitant costs and lack of tracking functionality, I knew the timeframe wouldn’t allow..."
Steve Wells
Senior Director of the Learning and Compliance Group
"I thought I was crazy about the Articulate family of products before, but with Studio ’09 comes a bun..."
Marisa Dodson
Instructional Designer
"We’ve selected Articulate Rapid E-learning Studio and we’ve never looked back. From the beginning, we..."
Kara Eulgen
Technology Specialist
"It was a challenge to present this complex information in a way that was clear, succinct, and engagin..."
Michael Hinze
Coaching Association of Canada
"Simply put, there is nothing that comes close to Articulate for ease of use, flexibility, capability,..."
Peter C. Gardiner
President and CEO
"Studio ’09 represents the perfect storm in the e-learning development world, a confluence of three fa..."
Michael J. Fimia
Assistant Dean of Curriculum
"The advances in text formatting and characteristics in Storyline 2 are fantastic. Did Santa give you..."
Jackie Van Nice
Instructional Designer
"I’m LOVING the undockable panels in Storyline 2. Totally awesome...."
Rebecca Fleisch Cordeir
Instructional Designer
"Loving the new feature set...."
Mark Fletcher
Elearning Designer
"Articulate works great here at my regular job! For my home office, I had some trouble reinstalling it..."
Sandy Gilbert
Medicaid Program Specialist
"Articulate provides content owners and SMEs desperately needed authoring software in their own hands..."

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