"We get terrific feedback from the give and take of the review process. Indeed partners have provided..."
David Sangster
Senior Vice President of Operations
"Excel might be cheap, but it couldn’t sustain our growing business forever, so we made the investment..."
Red Byer
Co-Founder & VP Operations
"Arena provides everything we need in one place – product lifecycle control, quality system control, c..."
Penny Dalton
Quality Systems Specialist
"There was no up-front cost, and our monthly recurring ROI is approximately 900%, thanks to the amount..."
Jason Howard
Director of Customer Happiness
"Arena makes the whole product process much faster and efficient. Simply put, everyone here at Pulse l..."
Guneet Bhogal
Quality Assurance Specialist
"Being able to see quickly across processes and actions this is critical information for us...."
Sue Gerssing
Manager of Document Control, Engineering
"I didn’t need to hire a team to manage the infrastructure associated with an onpremise siloed system..."
Bruno Strul
Chief Executive Officer
"Monitoring and measuring product and process performance are key requirements of medical device regul..."
An Nguyen
Director of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance
"Early after go-live with Arena, our productivity has already improved—thanks to the clear, transparen..."
Ed Reith
Supply Chain Engineering Manager
"A big advantage managing quality in Arena is the ability to link quality records to the part record a..."
Chris Hill
Director of Quality

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