"I have even more great news for a Monday! I started on the ARC June billing late Friday afternoon and..."
Yvette M. Shields
Project Administrator
"Everyone from the general contractor to the architect is very happy with it, They love how easy it is..."
Mitchell Turner
CRS Project Manager
"We ran a cost analysis on the project ourselves to see how many man hours it would take us to hyperli..."
Khyati Ruparelia
Project Engineer
"If anybody has any problems and they need plans, it’s easy to respond. SKYSITE makes things here in..."
Sheldon Oxner
"You do realize that in Skysite we do have that already? [Laughs] It automatically does it for you. T..."
Stacy Johnson
Office Manager
"We initially used ARC, to simply print brochures. We were so impressed with their work that we later..."
Felipe Alcantara
Purchasing Department
"We have a nice partnership with Riot. They handle everything, they do the design, layout, and install..."
Glenn Zerr
Sales Director
"When I need something done right away, ishipdocs lets me upload files, specify exactly what we need i..."
Racquel Rivera
Document Control Specialist
"The amount of money we’re saving is eye-opening, to say the least, We’re now able to put that money b..."
Frank Mercuri
"This was anything but a standard print job, like a banner, ARC is not only very familiar with the par..."
Kasey Vena
Marketing Specialist
"ARC Shanghai’s energy, responsiveness, and commitment made our experience as smooth and gratifying as..."
Yanita Karatchorova
Marketing Manager
"If you need to create and deliver high-quality printed material, ishipdocs is the fastest. Our 350 wo..."
Vikram Lahiri
Service Delivery Manager
"This was the biggest piece we’ve ever done, ARC did a phenomenal job. They came up with good solution..."
Michael Smith
Portland Art Museum
"We have signed a 10-year contract with ARC to integrate their MetaPrint print management software wit..."
Liu Yan Hui
Party Secretary and Vice President
"Planwell Collaborate has been a way to easily organize our project files so they can be shared with c..."
Paul Zanglin
Project Manager
"ARC’s Managed Print Services allowed us to see where and how we were spending our printing dollars an..."
Luke McKinnon

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