"Their communication, their professionalism, the ARC management and support team is all top notch, We..."
Ken McKeown
Director of Facilities
"Everyone from the general contractor to the architect is very happy with it, They love how easy it is..."
Mitchell Turner
CRS Project Manager
"What made that job so successful was two things, One, our team and ARC’s Toronto team shared the same..."
Frank Mazzuca
"We could never get comfortable with other applications. They were too complex. The ease of use, along..."
Tony Conner
"If anybody has any problems and they need plans, it’s easy to respond. SKYSITE makes things here in..."
Sheldon Oxner
"You do realize that in Skysite we do have that already? [Laughs] It automatically does it for you. T..."
Stacy Johnson
Office Manager
"The amount of money we’re saving is eye-opening, to say the least, We’re now able to put that money b..."
Frank Mercuri
"They’re more aware of what’s going on, They have a better understanding of what their space is going..."
Chris Schoeneck
"For anyone else, it would have been impossible, But ARC has the extensive global print network to mak..."
Patsy Trine
Senior Associate/Project Administrator
"We have a nice partnership with Riot. They handle everything, they do the design, layout, and install..."
Glenn Zerr
Sales Director
"I’ve been getting calls from other area school districts about our new archiving system, And without..."
Ted Gregorski
Director of School Counseling
"ARC was chosen because of their knowledge, expertise and support capabilities in not only standard bl..."
Chris Vornovich
Director of IT
"We had been looking into bringing a scanning program into the office for quite some time, However, th..."
Josh Rosenbaum
IT Manager
"…good for basic stuff. But I like how ARC can organize submittals by category. And I liked how SKYSIT..."
Rowan Farrar
Project Manager
"Having the ability to access all the facilities information visually in a few clicks compared to flip..."
Javid Yamin
Facilities Maintenance Technician
"I’d strongly recommend anyone having the same difficulties we were having tracking down your document..."
Matt Baker
Facilities Supervisor

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