"We use ArangoDB for our dPaaS solution Alloy™ Health Platform. ArangoDB is a perfect fit for the shap..."
Brad Anderson
Vice President, Big Data Informatics, Liaison
"Using a single multi-model database allowed us to homogeneously design and implement various services..."
Ajinkya Prabhune
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
"No more copies of the data and still a faster response time – a rare combination offered by ArangoDB...."
Akshesh Doshi
Software & Data Engineer
"By using [ArangoDB’s] Foxx services as standalone and full fledged micro services, we are able to dev..."
Ewout Prangsma
Chief Executive Officer
"Speed is critical to our success. Fast querying and search capabilities are necessary attributes for..."
Johan Schulting
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
"Simplification, significant performance gains and the stability of ArangoDB led us to the decision to..."
Gary Gendel
Chief Software Architect
"We use ArangoDB and it’s flexible multi-model approach. What we found was ease of use and a stunning..."
Florian Krause
Head of Development
"We ultimately picked ArangoDB because our data fits really well in a graph data model, ArangoDB is op..."
Jaco De Vroed
"By supporting multiple data models with a single query language, ArangoDB allows us to scale through..."
Ross Mills
Engineering Manager
"The querying language was particularly useful for creating views and summaries...."
Dario Salvi
University of Oxford
"ArangoDB’s native query language, AQL, allows for complex aggregations that often eliminate the need..."
Chris Rocco
Systems Developer
"Clustering gave us the ability to easily spin up a robust, fault tolerant data store, giving us the a..."
Kurt K.
Fortune 100 Company
"ArangoDB was a lifesaver, it provided an easy to use Node.js lib, is open source, and shards easily...."
Jared Allard
Full Stack Engineer
"Awesome startup program! You can discuss anything with those guys and you’ll always get sophisticated..."
Benedikt Knobloch

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