"SURVEYOR had such a low entry point that financially, we were able to save about thirty thousand doll..."
Brian Wood
Network Engineer, USC Marshall School of Business
"For Ahlsell, the vision is clear for the future; we need a solid platform for communication and inter..."
Peter Joelsson
IT Portfolio Manager, Ahlsell Group
"We work in close cooperation with Aptean to constantly review and refine the way the solution is used..."
Kenneth Larsson
CIO and Head of Group IT
"With Pivotal CRM, we can release the power that is inherent in the size of our sales force and channe..."
Jonny Kohlstrom
Head of Business Processes
"We have over several years invested not only in state-of-the-art facilities, but also a very consciou..."
Mats Olsson
Managing Director, DB Schenker Logistics Region North
"The addition of Made2Manage Shop Floor Manager provided the accurate performance data we needed, and..."
Gail Hernly
"The most important change was that the employees took ownership of the data. They had a much better u..."
Renee Carter
Human Resources Manager
"When we implement a supply chain operation for a new client, we have a model for integrating with the..."
Fredrik Hedlund
Manager Solution Design/IT
"Respond made great improvements to our Unit, as prior to installing this database we functioned on Ex..."
Teresa Luque
Manager, Information Access Unit, RTI/IP Decision Maker, Privacy and Confidentiality Contact Officer
"We have achieved a unique competitive advantage with Aptean’s IMI Supply Chain and Pivotal CRM soluti..."
Göran Näsholm
CEO, Ahlsell Group
"The recipe management functionality in Ross ERP enabled us to develop and bring to market low-carb, s..."
Ron Cantrell
Chief Information Officer
"It was essential that any solution didn’t interfere with our end-user productivity, desktop maintenan..."
Tim Grimwood
Deputy Head of ITT Service Delivery
"When a customer used to call, we couldn’t commit to them on the status of their order. Today, the cus..."
Chris Draudt
"There was little confidence in the data. A lot of our production involves parallel activities that ma..."
Scott Carter
Vice President for Research & Development
"We have created a process to onboard new companies within 3-6 months after the acquisition – to get t..."
Gunnar Haglund
Chief Financial Officer, Ahlsell Group
"One of the key factors that contributed to the selection of Made2Manage ERP is that the software is s..."
Robert Berger
IT Director

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