"Aptean demonstrated the advantages of an entirely paperless warehouse operation in an environment wit..."
Boudewijn Canrinus
Program Manager European Logistics, Albert Heijn
"With the support of the gomembers On Demand process management feature, we have seen a 30% increase i..."
John Lawyer
Director of Purchasing & Technology Solutions
"Right from the start, Factory MES offered a different perspective and approach from its competitors…t..."
Steve Leins
Vice President of Manufacturing, Windsor Foods
"SURVEYOR had such a low entry point that financially, we were able to save about thirty thousand doll..."
Brian Wood
Network Engineer, USC Marshall School of Business
"In order to reach the growth we’ve had so far, we would have needed a lot more employees than we have..."
Michael Budd
IT Technology Specialist, Babson Executive Education
"IMI Warehouse Management has helped us expand the operation without restrictions regarding number or..."
Linus Larsson
Supply Chain Director, Bergendahls Food
"The defining characteristic that set the Factory MES solution apart was its combination of real-time..."
Richard Parr
Head of Operations, Natures Way Foods
"For Ahlsell, the vision is clear for the future; we need a solid platform for communication and inter..."
Peter Joelsson
IT Portfolio Manager, Ahlsell Group
"We work in close cooperation with Aptean to constantly review and refine the way the solution is used..."
Kenneth Larsson
CIO and Head of Group IT
"Pivotal’s flexibility has allowed us to meticulously design our business processes. In addition, Pivo..."
Laurent Bortolato
CRM Manager
"Respond made great improvements to our Unit, as prior to installing this database we functioned on Ex..."
Teresa Luque
Manager, Information Access Unit, RTI/IP Decision Maker, Privacy and Confidentiality Contact Officer
"Implementing Pivotal CRM has enabled users to have a holistic view of client relationships and what i..."
Andrew Powell
Director of Marketing, CMS Cameron McKenna
"Nothing else out there does as good a job of managing a job shop prototyping operation as Made2Manage..."
Barry Turnbow
Support Manager, Faurecia
"We have achieved a unique competitive advantage with Aptean’s IMI Supply Chain and Pivotal CRM soluti..."
Göran Näsholm
CEO, Ahlsell Group
"Aptean Pivotal CRM is the ideal fit for our growing business. The company’s technology, services, and..."
Brian J. Boon
President and CEO
"It was essential that any solution didn’t interfere with our end-user productivity, desktop maintenan..."
Tim Grimwood
Deputy Head of ITT Service Delivery, SEPT

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