"For Ahlsell, the vision is clear for the future; we need a solid platform for communication and inter..."
Peter Joelsson
IT Portfolio Manager, Ahlsell Group
"We work in close cooperation with Aptean to constantly review and refine the way the solution is used..."
Kenneth Larsson
CIO and Head of Group IT
"With Pivotal CRM, we can release the power that is inherent in the size of our sales force and channe..."
Jonny Kohlstrom
Head of Business Processes
"Aptean demonstrated the advantages of an entirely paperless warehouse operation in an environment wit..."
Boudewijn Canrinus
Program Manager European Logistics, Albert Heijn
"We implemented our policy in September 2011. At the beginning we had a universal policy that put the..."
Joseph Panora
Director, Division of Enterprise Information Services, CDCR
"Keeping in mind CDCR operates 250 sites, multiple groups, and 34,000 devices, implementation was pain..."
Devin Holmes
Deputy Director, IT Customer Service & Field Operation Section, CDCR
"Right from the start, Factory MES offered a different perspective and approach from its competitors…t..."
Steve Leins
Vice President of Manufacturing, Windsor Foods
"With the support of the gomembers On Demand process management feature, we have seen a 30% increase i..."
John Lawyer
Director of Purchasing & Technology Solutions
"Pivotal’s flexibility has allowed us to meticulously design our business processes. In addition, Pivo..."
Laurent Bortolato
CRM Manager
"We have achieved a unique competitive advantage with Aptean’s IMI Supply Chain and Pivotal CRM soluti..."
Göran Näsholm
CEO, Ahlsell Group
"We see Factory MES as a key component to improving our labor utilization, increasing OEE and throughp..."
Bruce Jacobson
Vice President of Operation, Lakeside Foods
"We simply could not do the work we’re doing today without Respond...."
Paula Day
Risk Manager, Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street
"We continued to stress that this was the end of business as usual. Change would be frustrating, conti..."
Amy Pontillo
Manager Of Computer Training, Manufacturer & Business Association
"Pivotal CRM promised a fast, nimble CRM solution that would provide an intimate and single view of ou..."
Magdy Messiha
IT Manager Telstra eMerge Center of Excellence
"We have created a process to onboard new companies within 3-6 months after the acquisition – to get t..."
Gunnar Haglund
Chief Financial Officer, Ahlsell Group
"Aptean Pivotal CRM is the ideal fit for our growing business. The company’s technology, services, and..."
Brian J. Boon
President and CEO

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