"Before it would take a week or more to get the system to a usable state after an upgrade. Now it take..."
Ryan Jairam
Systems Administrator
"AppDynamics gives us a much better visualization of what’s going on under the hood in our applicatio..."
James Graham
Project Manager
"I really liked how the AppDynamics solution detected issues automatically - it's really able to tell..."
Alan Novitskiy
Performance Lead
"AppDynamics has helped us tremendously in tracking down slow or failed calls to third-party sites, wh..."
Dave Anderson
Senior Systems Engineer
"We no longer waste time in meetings and on phone calls trying to identify application issues. We’re v..."
Bijoy George
Biomedical Informatics Program Manager
"I can actually glow about the support from AppDynamics. Out of about any vendor I've worked with… sup..."
Stace Baal
Director, Engineering
"On day one, within an hour of going live with AppDynamics, we were able to track and fix problems bef..."
George Lee
Lead Application Architect
"With AppDynamics we no longer have to ask for the logs from the production servers. We can see what o..."
Ben Hofmann
Manager of Web Development
"Kraft now uses AppDynamics in each and every one of our load tests. It is part of our strategy from a..."
Shawn Griffin
Technical Project Manager, Information Systems
"I have a big vision for what the AppDynamics platform can do for our business. It can honestly help u..."
Spencer Schwab
Staff Application Engineer
"AppDynamics Business iQ shows exactly how application performance impacts business outcomes...."
Philippe Donon
Head of Core Platform and Performance Team
"With AppDynamics, we now have months that go by without a single call. That means the application is..."
Clyde Blaisdell
Enterprise Development Chief
"We have started hosting some applications in the cloud and this year we plan on migrating a few more..."
Dana Fernandez
Enterprise Application Solution Architect
"Having AppDynamics both on premise and in Azure gives us that end to end view of what the guests are..."
Patrick Boudreaux
Software Engineering Manager
"From 2017 to 2018, through the partnership with AppDynamics, we were able to reduce the number of out..."
Troy Kaser
Managing Director of E-commerce
"With AppDynamics, our mean time to detection went from hours to less than 10 minutes, which is a huge..."
Nemo Hajiyusuf
Software Engineering Manager

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