"AppDynamics plays a key role in our day-to-day operations. We basically couldn’t do without it...."
Tony Murphy
Technical Lead and head of DevOps
"AppDynamics is so simple to install and use, we were getting real value within hours without any form..."
Rollo du Pre
Chief Architect
"With AppDynamics we were able to solve complex problems that had been in our application for years...."
Kevin Siminski
Director, Infrastructure Operations
"It’s the dream you always have as a software engineer of running your profiler in your production app..."
Leonid Igolnik
VP of Engineering
"We no longer waste time in meetings and on phone calls trying to identify application issues. We’re v..."
Bijoy George
Biomedical Informatics Program Manager
"AppDynamics allows us to see what is going on and identify the issues that could be refactored and ma..."
Bryan Hutchinson
Former KFS Service Manager
"We're enthusiastic with the support we received from the AppDynamics training team. They helped us ga..."
Hedeih Yaghami
Software Development
"The selection process for us was really quite easy because we’ve never found a tool that can do what..."
August Azzarello
Quality Engineer
"AppDynamics has helped us become proactive about application problems, rather than reactive when issu..."
Teresa Nguyen
Senior Software Architect
"We no longer had to watch for these errors in real-time; the software has helped us massively. It’s a..."
Peter Dorrington
Backup and Storage Specialist
"As our digital transformation deepens, AppDynamics is playing an ever-larger role in ensuring IT exec..."
Luis Perfetti
Director for IT Service Development
"We were learning relatively late that key services were not working, usually as a result of user comp..."
Abdullah Nasir
Manager Application Support in IT Services
"Debugging our environments was extremely tricky at the time. Then with the introduction of AppDynamic..."
Paul Fleming
Solutions Architect
"After we implemented AppDynamics, incidents were reduced by 80%. With fewer incidents, we were able t..."
Abdul Hafeez
IT Consultant
"Before we move anything to production, we do the full scan of the application with AppDynamics and se..."
Hesham Ebrahim Al-Hashemi
Acting Director for Government Systems Support & Maintenance Directorate
"If a system is slow, then that system is losing revenue...."
Majd Misbah Kalaf Alzghoul
Middleware Administrator

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