"The growing demand for information, delivered securely at any time, in any place and on any device ha..."
Christian Reilly
Manager of Demand Management
"APIs are critical to the way apps are being built today. We will continuously add to our APIs, and we..."
Puneet Goel
Sr. Product Manager
"The latest version of Apigee is more geared toward self-service, and that’s exactly what we needed. N..."
Mark Kennedy
Software Architect
"API data is becoming more and more important. If you're not able to capture it, and process it, and s..."
James Field
R&D New Initiatives
"I look at APIs as critical to our strategy, The reality is, that’s the way the world is going—it’s go..."
Greg Goff
Chief Technology Officer
"As an API provider, when you see all the applications people built using your APIs, and they use it i..."
Steven Engelhardt
Head of Architecture/Core Services
"I [like] APIs 2014 about the important role APIs play in sharing his company’s weather data...."
Brendan Hayes
API Product Owner
"By our very nature, we’re a people and services business, evolving into a data business. The biggest..."
Trent Lund
Lead Partner, Innovation and Ventures
"In the world we live in, collaboration is key to success, and APIs and Apigee's developer portal allo..."
Shafiq Rab
Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President
"IT can be the strategy—not just the enabler...."
William Morris
Associate Chief Information Officer
"The speed of onboarding new partners using the management tool is extremely impressive. We were able..."
Kunal Mittal
Chief Technology Officer
"When we can open up the electronic medical records ... through the use of APIs, we can extend the use..."
Beth Meese
Administrative Director, Technology & Innovations
"Through APIs, we unlock the value in our systems of record. If we create a well-designed API, then we..."
Shawn McCarthy
Director of IT, Portals, and APIs
"Apigee’s new solution can be a beacon for other healthcare solution providers to innovate and transfo..."
Anand Deshpande
Chief Executive Officer
"What used to take us two to three months to develop as a monolithic service now takes days as a micro..."
Rick Schnierer
AVP, One IT Applications Business Solutions
"We can give access to our data to prospective vendors through our Apigee developer portal, putting th..."
Aleš Drábek
Chief Digital & Disruption Officer

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