"The culture around development and delivery is changing. We are accelerating the pace of innovation a..."
Jon Summers
Sr. Vice President, Applications and Services Infrastructure
"For us to enable growth as well as provide more services to apps that ride upon the network, we've be..."
Abhi Ingle
Vice President of Ecosystem and Innovation
"What defines success for us is the design of the APIs themselves. The level of expertise that Apigee..."
Michael Fleshman
SVP Consumer Digital Technology
"Fujitsu relies on Apigee’s strength in exposing data and backend system capabilities with modern APIs..."
Tango Matsumoto
Chief Technology and Information Officer Fujitsu
"Offering our APIs for developers to play around with and create experiences where event discovery can..."
Ismail Elshareef
Vice President of Open Platform and Innovation
"Because we are using Apigee, now we are able to co-create value with our customers and our partners...."
Rajay Rai
Digital Architect
"Because of how important APIs are to our business, the ability to write code on Apigee lets us contro..."
Kurtis White
Senior Development Manager in Research and Development
"We had the Apigee solution in place ... we said here's our portal, and we only needed one day of engi..."
Tim Rodriguez
Principal Engineer
"We're seeing a 20%-25% increase in developer registrations over what we were seeing prior. The develo..."
Joseph Smutz
Director of Product Integration
"API management, when done in a modern way, allows for a lot of opportunity for speed...."
Evan Scheessele
Platform Architect and Engineering Lead for Cloud Computing Practices and Business Delivery
"APIs offer Nationwide an opportunity to reinforce service leadership and reinforce trust with the cus..."
Simon Hamilton
Chief Technology Officer
"Our customers are starting to demand APIs. There's a whole transformation that's outside of our enter..."
Saori Fotenos
Senior Director of API Platform
"We have put in place foundational blocks that position us to be nimble and responsive and be quick in..."
Florin Fortis
Digital Innovation and API Strategy Leader
"Businesses can't afford to live on an island. When you are talking about inter-connectivity and shari..."
Garrett Vargas
Senior Director of Technology
"We are thrilled that Apigee is extending API management capabilities to the Istio service mesh. We ca..."
Galo Gimenez
Distinguished Technologist, Office of the CTO
"Apigee Edge can be deployed alongside Pivotal Cloud Foundry as a fully integrated application service..."
Nima Badiey
Head of Technology Ecosystem

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