"It enabled Walgreens to attract developers by offering them ways to monetize their app, and not only..."
Joe Rago
Senior Product Manager
"Walgreens chief technology officer Abhi Dhar discusses the evolution of digital leadership roles as b..."
Abhi Dhar
Former CIO
"We are using APIs to innovate and extend the value of our core system. This has been a way to moderni..."
Eric Roubal
Director of Development
"APIs encourage us to look at our business in a whole different way. We can build things more quickly..."
Matthew Newton
Enterprise Architect
"Dell is using this technology to change the face of our online assets, including Dell.com, and to pro..."
Mohamed Ayadi
Director, Online Product Engineering
"It took a major mindshift to finally see mobility as an opportunity for driving innovation. That’s wh..."
Elias Arnestrand
Innovation Manager
"Being on the cutting edge of technology and making sure that we aren't killing our business is really..."
Drew Schweinfurth
Developer Evangelist
"Always start with the use case, and design the experience around that use case; that's going to drive..."
Serge Kreiker
"Apigee's ability to group APIs into products and be able to monitor adoption and be able to authorize..."
Manoj Ramakrishnan
Senior Software Engineer
"The discusses how the voice and messaging API company promotes adoption of its platform and builds st..."
Matt Makai
Developer Evangelist
"We need to speed up to compete with the big tech and the fintechs—or cooperate with them. That’s why..."
Koen Adolfs
API Banking Product Owner
"The goal is to treat our APIs as products and do everything we can to make our APIs accessible and ea..."
Elisabeth Falck
API Product Manager
"With increased demand from Customers wanting to embrace Digital Transformation, Agile delivery is cri..."
Jody Ponnusami
"By modernizing and simplifying our extensive library of APIs, we’ll keep finding new ways to collabor..."
Digital River
Director of Development
"We’re in the financial sector, so security is hugely important. The Apigee team worked with us to bui..."
IT Executive
"APIs are the key to remaining competitive. We’re using this technology to change the face of our onli..."
Product Engineering Executive

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