"With the current explosion in social, mobile and cloud computing, we are seeking ways to distribute a..."
Surendra Pamidi
Enterprise Architect
"I ♥[like] APIs 2014 about the important role APIs play in sharing his company’s weather data...."
Brendan Hayes
API Product Owner
"It took a major mindshift to finally see mobility as an opportunity for driving innovation. That’s wh..."
Elias Arnestrand
Innovation Manager
"We are using APIs to innovate and extend the value of our core system. This has been a way to moderni..."
Eric Roubal
Director of Development
"We've got sites all across Australia and New Zealand. Each site has hundreds of contractors and for u..."
Aidan Giles
Head of Engineering, Digital
"Apigee's ability to group APIs into products and be able to monitor adoption and be able to authorize..."
Manoj Ramakrishnan
Senior Software Engineer
"The goal is to treat our APIs as products and do everything we can to make our APIs accessible and ea..."
Elisabeth Falck
API Product Manager
"You might find that [external developers] use APIs in a way you hadn't imagined, and that's really wh..."
Richard Blown
Digital Architect
"Over the last year we’ve seen immense growth in our API program. We’re exposing around 50 APIs and we..."
Remco Jansen
API Program Manager
"One of the reasons we like partnering with Apigee is that our customers like it so much. In fact, one..."
Ferry Tamtoro
Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Digital Health
"Being digital natives, our consumers expect us to provide them with a seemingly endless array of capa..."
Scott Gegenheimer
Chief Executive Officer
"A single developer always has the potential to be working on the next big thing and become our next b..."
Mark Iannelli
Senior Technical Account Manager
"One of the ways that we are achieving success with our technology transformation is our ability to ce..."
Jeff Nokes
Director of Engineering
"Apigee has allowed us to expose what's working in new and modern ways...."
James Berry
Senior Director, Strategic Projects, Office of the CTO
"The growing demand for information, delivered securely at any time, in any place and on any device ha..."
Christian Reilly
Manager of Demand Management
"By modernizing and simplifying our extensive library of APIs, we’ll keep finding new ways to collabor..."
Digital River
Director of Development

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