"APCO's successful campaign combined a smart strategy with excellent tactical implementation. We are d..."
Patrick W. Diemer
Managing Director
"APCO’s work ethic, relationships and expertise have proven invaluable, reliable and well-considered...."
Raymond Bracy
Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs & Sustainability
"Through their Commitments to Action, CGI members tackle the world’s toughest challenges. The APCO tea..."
Robert S. Harrison
Chief Executive Officer
"This one launch exceeded everyone's expectations, really positioning Mars Foods as a leader in the he..."
Craig Annis
Global Vice President, Corporate Affairs
"The APCO team did a fantastic job, both in the initial concept development as well as the project man..."
Mark Maguire
Corporate Communications Director
"APCO came with an ingenious solution to help us build a coalition that would have a unique voice by i..."
Adjoa Adofo
Communications Director
"APCO has made a significant contribution to raising the national profile of Recolight, and of the nee..."
Nigel Harvey
"APCO was able to help me and the Ministry of Finance and the government of Ukraine overall to communi..."
Natalie Jaresko
Finance Minister
"[APCO was] very well-versed both in the political aspect as well as the social complications this cam..."
Karolina Kolodziej
Head of PR and Marketing
"Throughout our various projects with APCO, their support in strategic advice and key stakeholder outr..."
Rebecca Stevens Adler
Director of Public Affairs
"APCO’s integrated communication strategy was instrumental in preventing the merger. They along with o..."
Bill White
Senior Vice President of Corporate Communication
"APCO has been instrumental in crafting creative and impactful programs for The UPS Foundation, which..."
Eduardo Martinez
"The APCO team worked alongside United’s merger team and executed a strategic campaign from announceme..."
Glenn Tilton
Chairman of the Board
"Medicines distribution is an integral part of health care and patient safety. Without APCO, the HDA w..."
Jeremy Main
"A special thank you to the APCO team on site who showed great professionalism and demonstrated throug..."
Julie Cannesan
Director of Promotion
"From research to design to media relations, every part of APCO’s work on this project exceeded our ex..."
Laura Seman
Senior Manager, Program Development and Evaluation

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