"In the beginning I didn’t realize Ansible is good for orchestration as well, but found it out quickly..."
Beier Cai
Director of Technology, HootSuite
"Ansible provides our public sector customers with powerful tools that greatly simplify the automation..."
David Blankenhorn
Chief Technology Officer, DLT
"Every developer at Lifesum runs deployments today instead of having a release manager handling a comp..."
Michal Gasek
SysOps Engineer / DBA
"The work the Ansible team is doing to create modern automation tools, allow application scaling and m..."
Lew Tucker
VP & CTO Cloud Computing
"We chose Ansible as our first orchestration solution for its simplicity combined with power...."
Jim Kleckner
VP, Operations Cloud Physics
"Ansible gave me the tools to introduce Configuration Man- agement to my Linux environment in a way th..."
Benjamin McKenna
System Administrator, Ruan
"Ansible is quite fun to use right away. As soon as you write five lines of code it works. With SSH an..."
Mark Maas
Unix/Linux Systems Administrator, BinckBank
"Every change we do in cloud gets deployed through Ansible now...except for the first time. The first..."
Mike Regan
"When you hear about DevOps, it’s all ‘fire up the nodes, grab an image and then deploy your code from..."
Yves Soete
Assistant IT Administrator
"Ansible helps us out significantly by allowing us to build out the entire pipeline of data that we ge..."
Branden Faulls
Head Of Engineering
"[Automation with Ansible] provided us a quick time to deploy new customers. We started off with the f..."
Don Clark
Director of Business Development, IT Platform Group
"Ansible Tower allows us to easily streamline the delivery of applications and services to both Open S..."
Jeremy Pruitt
Sr Manager Cloud & Automation, Juniper Networks
"Ansible Tower has allowed us to provide better operations and security to our clients. It has also in..."

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